***THZ EXCLUSIVE*** An Interview With Singer-Songwriter Dominic James

Credit: Dominic James

Credit: Dominic James

Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentleman. This young man’s voice will have you swooning before you even get a glimpse of those blue eyes.

The Hot Zone had the great opportunity to chat a bit with the 22-year-old singer-songwriter Dominic James, whose Indie-Country style can captivate your heart in a moment.

James’ history reads a little bit like the script of a High School Musical movie. According to James, he “had always been the athletic type, very into sports, until a football injury led me to audition for a school musical, and from that moment on, I was hooked on music and acting.”

He even auditioned for The X-Factor back in 2012 and even though you may not have seen him on television, he was chosen to represent Maine (his home-state) in the national rounds!

Today, James is living in Nashville putting all of his time into writing music, in fact you can check out one of his original songs below:

When we asked James about his musical inspirations, he explained how he gets “inspiration from so many different artists, of all genres. Garth Brooks is a huge idol of mine, but I’m also a big fan of Keith Urban, Ray Charles, Freddie Mercury with Queen, and even Ne-Yo.”

As for what inspires the subject matter of his music, go to one of his concerts and it could be you! According to James, “Almost everyone I meet in my life will end up in my songs.”

He prides himself on his honesty, keeping his music “real and true.” Whether he’s writing about love or heartbreak, James is not afraid to feel, and that is apparent in his original music as well as in his covers. Swoon!

James also contributes a lot of time to the Somebody’s Hero tour, an anti-bullying campaign that has James and his team going to schools all over the country, giving “hope to those kids that feel lost.”

On the tour, James shares his own experiences with bullying and depression. He expresses how hard high school was for him, when he was “ostracized and singled out…just for being different.” When he gave up sports to pursue music and the arts, he explains how “it led to a lot of tormenting, harrasment, and even physical abuse.”

When we asked James what he wants people to take from this tour, his positive reaction was inspiring.

According to James, “we’ve talked to thousands of kids, and the outcome has been even more incredible than what we had hoped for. These kids just want someone to look up to that can relate to their pain, and for someone to tell them that it will all be okay, and that’s all I’m trying to do for them.”

Isn’t he amazing?

Credit: Dominic James

Credit: Dominic James

We asked James a few more light-hearted questions about his future (and his personal life!) so you’re definitely going to want to keep reading:

What plans do you have for the future? Where do you want to see yourself?

I’m really looking forward to going on tour and opening for the artists I’ve been listening to for years! Being able to hear myself on national radio will be pretty awesome too! Oh, and winning a Grammy is definitely on the bucket list!

If I were to look at your music playlist, what artists would I find?

My playlist always depends on my mood or what I’m doing; if I’m at the gym, I love listening to the top hits on Pop radio from Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown, to SoMo and Adam Levine.

When it comes to driving around with the windows down, it’s all about Country: blasting Darius Rucker, Dan+Shay, Garth Brooks, Sam Hunt, and very recently, I’ve been diggin’ Kelsea Ballerini’s new EP

Besides music, what are your other interests? Do you want to branch out into any other fields?

I’ve always loved acting, so I’m hoping I can do a crossover career on the big screen or on Broadway one day. When I’m not doing music, I like to just play a pickup game of basketball or football, hit the gym, and spend some time with friends.

What do you want to say to the great fans that support you?

Hey, I love you! My fans are an inspiration to me that keep me going every day. I appreciate every single one out there.


And finally (don’t worry, we could never forget to ask this one):

Since the ladies are going to find you attractive, tell the women in our audience, are you single or looking?

[laughs] Well thank you very much; yes I am single and if the right girl comes my way, I’ll definitely give her my time and attention.


Want to see more of Dominic James? Check him out on:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DCMelody93/feed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/d.colizzi?fref=nf

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