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Being a senior in high school is hard enough with so much going on. You have college applications, S.A.Ts, prom, trying to get laid…the list goes on and on.

Now, imagine the only way to get into your dream college is to sell thousands of dollars’ worth of drugs. Yeah, you read that right. You have to sell drugs to get into college, and not just any college HARVARD. Do I have your attention now? Good. Then Dope is your go to date movie tonight.

Our geeky but lovable hero, Malcolm Adekanbi (played by Shameik Moore) was raised by a single mother in the Los Angeles projects known as the Bottoms. From the second you see him come (this is going to have a double meaning once you see it) on the screen you know he’s a geek. From his wardrobe, to his obsession with 90s hip-hop, and did I mention he has his own punk band called Awreo (with his best friends Jib and Diggy, played by Tony Revolori and Kiersey Clemons). His world is a mess of references both retro (2 Live Crew, N.W.A., Yo! MTV Raps) and modern (Bitcoin, Twitter, etc.). Like I said earlier, he’s applying to Harvard. Impressed aren’t you? Want to know what his essay proposal is?  “A Research Thesis to Discover Ice Cube’s Good Day.” Not all that impressed anymore are you?

Malcolm’s insane journey through a completely unorthodox college process begins when he runs into a drug dealer, Dom (A$AP Rocky), who to my surprise was much smarter than I would have expected. He challenges Malcolm at his own game when it comes to classic rap trivia. That puts Malcolm in contact with the beautiful Nakia (Zoe Kravitz). While trying to get her to go for Dom, turns out Malcolm has more in common with Nakia. You can imagine how well it’s going to turn out taking a drug dealer’s love interest.

Their attraction lands Malcolm at a club party, this leads to everyone getting drunk out their minds, an exchange of drugs, and a shootout. You know, normal hood parties. In the most F***** up way possible, all the drugs end up in Malcolm’s backpack. Now that’s ALL the details I am giving you. Imagine what trouble he got into with thousands of dollars’ worth of Molly’s in his bag. The mission? Sell those bad boys and get into Harvard.

A hilarious movie with so many twists and turns but the last few minutes is where you really have to pay attention. The message the movie leaves you with is one you with think about throughout your cab ride or train ride home. So don’t sleep on Dope.

Final Verdict [8/10]

Dope hits theaters today June 19, 2015

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