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I am a huge fan of country music, always have been always will be. My friends and even the love of my life always look at me like I’m an alien. The one question I’ve always been asked is “How does a Puerto Rican/Italian girl from East Harlem end up loving country music?” I guess that is kind of strange for my neighborhood, considering that when you walk the streets you hear bachata and salsa mostly. Never have I heard someone say hey blast that new Blake Shelton song.

Well the answer to that question is quite simple for me; I have always loved the male vocalists’ deep voices. Those voices include artists like Trace Adkins and Chris Young. Most importantly I always felt country music captured emotions so much better. You know it’s a party when ass-kicking country music comes on, or you know when someone has gotten their heart shattered when you hear songs like “A Little Bit Stronger,” by Sara Evans. I’ve always just gravitated more toward country music, but hey this piece isn’t about me, it’s about an AWESOME interview with country music artist Joshua Scott Jones. Don’t give me that sigh; I know you want to hear about the amazing Joshua Scott Jones, I was just setting a foundation for you as a writer.

I get the hint though I’ll move on, as I said I’ve always been a country music fan so when the opportunity to interview Joshua Scott Jones came I literally ran to my computer to say I would take it. Don’t judge me, like just walking around New York City I was going to  run into him on my own right?

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Joshua Scott Jones, he was part of the country duo Steel Magnolia. Jones paired up with his then fiancé Meghan Linsey, the two won season two of the television talent show Can You Duet. After winning the show the duo signed a recording contract with Big Machine Records, and released its debut single “Keep On Lovin’ You” in August 2009, which was a Top 10 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song served as the lead-off single to the duo’s self-titled extended play, which was released on February 23, 2010. It has also been included in the soundtrack to the film Valentine’s Day. In October 2009, they made their Grand Ole Opry debut and sang “Keep on Lovin’ You” as well as “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”, by Hank Williams. The duo earned its first Academy of Country Music Awards nomination for the 2010 Top New Vocal Duo

Okay so is that good enough of a background on Joshua Scott Jones? I mean hey, I can’t go into first words and everything, I’m not Google you know. Let’s bring this whole thing back to present day. May 28, 2014 to be more exact, we here at The Hot Zone got a very special opportunity to sit down with Jones. We even got him to film a promo for us, tell us this isn’t the coolest thing ever.

Country fans became familiar with the bluesy tones of Joshua Scott Jones’ voice through his work as part of Steel Magnolia. In 2013, the duo split and Jones released his solo single called “Honk If You’re Tonky.” I loved this video from the first viewing. In the interview, our reporter Rob asked Jones what was the inspiration behind the video. I think he gave the best answer ever. He wanted it to be something like Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” you know… just for men. “I wanted to make a dance video, but a honky tonk style video, so we shot half of it in black and white, and the other half in color. It was me, and two dancers. One was my girlfriend. They choreographed it. They brought the vision to life. It’s edgy, cool, and upbeat. I think it’s something people won’t want to take their eyes off of.”  Well Joshua, personally I think you succeeded. Here’s that video so you can check it out yourself!

Jones’ first solo album, “The Healing,” is due out on June 3, which he says will give listeners an intimate look into the highs and lows of the past few years. Jones goes on record saying, “I feel like at this point in my life I don’t want to be anything but candid. This record certainly reflects my headspace over the last few years and tells the story of what I’ve gone through, especially the title track of the record, ‘The Healing.’ Although I’ve been near the top before in my career, I’m looking forward to experiencing it all again; this time clean, clear and healthy.”

So be sure to get your copy of “The Healing” this Tuesday, I know I will. If only I could have had it signed by the great Joshua Scott Jones himself… (Take the hint Joshua, take the hint. You know where I work. Make a young writer’s dream come true!)

Top Photo: Joshua Scott Jones and our THZ Reporter Robert James

THZ takes our stories very seriously

Our reporter Robert James asking Joshua Scott Jones who inspires him musically.

Joshua Scott Jones and THZ Reporter Robert James

Joshua Scott Jones and yours truly, Adrienne Marie Alverio

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