THZ Exclusive!!! Interview With Reality TV Star And New York Times Bestselling Author, Farrah Abraham

photo credit: Ellora's Cave

photo credit: Ellora’s Cave

Teen Mom, Reality star, New York Times Bestselling author, and Entrepreneur. She has many titles, but NEVER call her a porn star! Farrah Abraham is notably one of the most popular reality TV stars and THZ had the opportunity to have an EXCLUSIVE interview with her. She discussed her new erotic trilogy Celebrity Sex Tape in the Making, her sex tape scandal, upcoming business ventures, motherhood, and the possibility of returning to reality TV! Also, see a clip from her crazy birthday party at Pacha NYC. Hint: There were strippers!

photo credit: THZ/chelsea norton

photo credit: THZ/chelsea norton

CN: THZ was present at Pacha NYC to celebrate your 23rd birthday. It was so much fun! Thank you for having us. How does it feel being 23 years old?

FA: I feel like it’s the right age to be, which is good to say. Sometimes I’m like ‘Ugh my life, etc.’ and I’m trying to handle everything fame has gotten me. I’m 23, and it feels right! (Laughs)

photo credit: Ellora's Cave

photo credit: Ellora’s Cave

CN: You recently published an erotic E-book trilogy called “Celebrity Sex Tape in the Making”. Can you tell us about the trilogy and why you decided to write this?

FA: I chose to write this because I felt like it was a topic surrounding my life, and it was important that I write a fictional book about it. I was happy to go into fiction and to be able to work with “Ellora’s Cave” publishing, which is a well know publisher of romance and erotica so I have to say after reading all 3 books and all of these interviews that I’ve been doing, It showed growth in me. I never knew I had fiction in me, being able to write, completely separate myself, keep within the topic, and grow from that. It was an awesome experience, and I hope to grow more in fiction soon.

CN: You started in 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, which were both a huge success. Now you are an author, and notably one of the biggest names in the reality TV industry. Did you ever think this would be your life?

FA: No, (laughs) because at the time I was growing up, being unexpectedly pregnant [on 16 & pregnant] people related to me. I was on Teen Mom and many other different networks, and it was pretty unexpected. I think being the hustler that I am I took advantage of it. I cannot say everything in my personal life that I’ve done, or if I made all of the right choices, but professionally, I’m trying to make a career out of things. I try to be a part of projects that help me grow and have a therapeutic value to help others. I’m happy to say I am working hard, and I think it is showing.

CN: In 2013, you went through rough times with the sex tape scandal. You received negative feedback and stated in the past that you are not in any way a porn star. However, some people still refer to you as such. What is your response to that?

FA: I feel like I can tell somebody the truth 500 times, and they are still going to lie or want to believe something else. I will say truthfully, I have girlfriends who are porn stars. They live very different lives than me, and they do very different things by their own choice. I do not think it is right or wrong I think that is their choice, their career path. Being a porn star, I do not even feel like it is even right for me to define what that is (laughs) but I think I carry myself differently than a porn star. I only made one sex tape in my whole life, and that was just something I was exploring at the time. I relate to “Fallon Oakland,” the character in my book [Celebrity Sex Tape]. She is trying to figure out whether she should try something new or not, and what’s going to happen when she does this? So the reason I think it weighs so heavy for “Fallon’s” character to be conflicted with all of these options is because, in my personal life, I was not so conflicted. I was like ‘This is something I do want to try.’ I was told over and over again you know, just let it go, don’t talk about it. With “Fallon” it’s more relative because she has more people saying she should do it, or have friends saying “I would f**k that person.” I think it makes it more real because I feel Fallon & myself are different, and that is why I am so excited for everyone to read it. It is kind of like having a best friend tell their sexual journey, and not worry about anyone saying ‘you’re a porn star,’ you are this or that, not giving a f**k if you have sex with anyone. I do not like the title, and personally, when others are calling me a porn star I do not even think they know what that is, and they are confused. I cannot change anybody’s views. I think when other women do phone sex or nonstop sexual acts that is what builds their career. For me, I am more on television, reality TV, I have endorsements, and I am a sex symbol because people think I am sexy (laughs) but I’ve done things that many porn stars do not get the opportunity to do. That is what makes me different. The research I’ve done when writing Celebrity Sex Tape in the Making, shows my growth and understanding, more about the adult entertainment industry and everyday life. I think that is what makes it so great and more relatable. I know it is a huge topic and controversial, but I think the series will be an awesome read and people will love it!

photo credit: Ellora's Cave

photo credit: Ellora’s Cave

CN: In 2014 you were on VH1’s hit reality show, Couple’s Therapy. You were the only cast mate without a spouse or significant other. What made you decide to go on the show?

FA: My partner never showed up, and it was very hard. Dr. Jen [Therapist on Couple’s Therapy] believed in me and said “You are going to have more of these issues if you do not stay here and get therapy, and work through your problems”. So I did. I do not think it was easy because the other cast mates did have their partners there, regardless if they were together for a short time or very long, through the process. I grew a lot maybe more than any other couple because of the extra time I had with Dr. Jen. I am very thankful for that.

CN: Some of the cast mates on Couples Therapy believed you were not truthful when discussing your personal issues in group therapy sessions. Why do you believe they had negative perceptions of you and felt you were not honest?

FA: There’s a lot that you guys do not see during the filming. I was very hurt when the women started the situation. They saw what happened; that my boyfriend didn’t show up. They were understanding, and even said I should reach out to him. Then all of a sudden once they found out about my sex tape, they changed. I’m guessing they could not handle it or something (laughs). Their husbands and boyfriends came on the show but weren’t allowed to talk to me. I do not know if it is because they had their own issues regarding that. I feel like each public figure has their own idea of what image they would like to show on TV, and they could not let their personas go. They could not be genuine throughout the entire process. I was real and if they pissed me off I would tell them. They were very off to me, so I do not know what their issues were. I was there to get help from Dr. Jen. She was honest and truthful. I think people need to focus on their own lives and to better themselves.

CN: You’ve ventured into the music industry and released your studio album My Teenage Dream Ended, and a new single called Blowin. What made you decide to try your hand at singing and is this something you want to do professionally?

FA: I do entertainment as a hobby (laughs) and music is another artistic way of expressing myself. I am not trying to be the most amazing artist, but I feel like bullying this past year was out of control and hurtful. We [celebrities] go on Twitter and read our tweets of crazy things people say to us, and I do not think we need to pay attention to that. So that is why I made “Blowin” and I think it got a great response either way. Whether people thought, it was great or not.  In the end, I would want my daughter [Sophia] to be stronger than bullying and not pay attention to the negative comments.

CN: You have many titles. You are a mother, reality, star, and New York Times bestselling author. All at the age of 23, how do you balance that schedule while handling your responsibilities as a mother?

FA: (laughs) Yes. I see myself as a “serial entrepreneur.” That is kinda what I am. You know it is not easy doing so many things at one time, and being successful, but I have, and I am very proud of that. To young teens, or people in their 20s, 30s, or 40s, who are shaping their career paths I will never tell those people to focus on only one thing. If you are capable of growing and using your mind to explore different things, you want to try then I say go for it. Be passionate, give it your all. When I come into a room, I light up that room. I am happy to be there and even if I am tired I add something to it. I do not think everybody can do that, but I know many of my friends have told me I do that in their lives. I think that comes from who I am around. I keep positive people around me, so that is good.

CN: What advice do you have for teen moms? Especially for those who are raising their children without any assistance from a family member, or significant other?

FA: In my situation, if my family wasn’t supportive I wasn’t going to listen to them anymore. If my friends didn’t have my back and weren’t there for me when I needed help, I wasn’t going to hang around them anymore. I was strict with myself and my focus and the people who showed support when I needed it. So I can be stable and have a solid foundation. I would let them[negative people] go. There are some really hard choices being a single parent. I’ve heard other mothers say “I really need my friends here with me and  can’t do anything without my parents help”, When I got to the point of mentally exhausting myself, I chose to let my family go and remove them from my life. Do I ever regret those decisions? No. When I go back home now, I see these people who used to be like ‘oh we’re best friends’ but would sell me out in the media. I let them go. Do I regret that now? No. I’m in a much better place. I feel like it’s so hard when you think you need to rely on others. You really don’t need to rely on anyone. I would work 2-3 jobs. I went to school fulltime, got kicked out of my house, and had rough times with my family. I really felt like I didn’t trust anyone. Not even my producers, and other people I worked with at that time. Through all of that, I learned to stay very close to my faith. Believing and trusting in God. I also learned to work my ass off and hustle. If I didn’t do those things, and keep my head up, keep going, better myself, take care of my child, I wouldn’t be where I am. So if you can’t get support from somebody, you can always pray to God , and get your mind, heart, and body together. I wouldn’t jump into any relationship, being a single parent. You don’t need to take care of another person or rely on someone else to take care of you. Doing what I had to do, and with my faith, and focusing on my family at all times, is real. Being out and about in New York City, I had so much on my schedule, I barely slept. I spend soo much time working. I try to focus on work and spend time with my family as much as I can. It was a struggle trying to  juggle everything but that’s me. I’m living life and focusing and that’s why I care about. When it comes to finding the right person, Dr. Jen told me “you can’t settle for just anyone”. There’s a lot that I’m learning. I don’t feel ashamed for making mistakes, they’re life lessons, because if other people were enthralled with what I have I’m pretty sure they would be involved in a lot more crazy things than I have. Im proud of myself and I hope other single mothers are proud of themselves, and keep going no matter what people say. I think sometimes people get me twisted or confused (laughs) with me going out to clubs. I don’t recommend partying in the club for free. I choose to make public appearances at the clubs because they’re business opportunities and I get paid for it. If you do not get paid to party I would suggest not to go out because that’s not the right direction to go.

CN: Are you thinking of doing another reality show in the near future?

FA: There are some things in progress right now, for Comedy Central, and VH1, which will air later this year. Hopefully, I’ll be working with some other networks. However, It’s not my main focus. I like to be a real person (laughs) and I love understanding how the masses work. Maybe one day I’ll try movies and scripted TV but I don’t really like that as much.

CN: Any other upcoming events or projects you would like to tell our readers about?

FA: I’m really excited to see the feedback from my fans for my book Celebrity Sex Tape in the Making. Also, my novelty toy line as well. In October, for all of my fans who live in Texas (laughs), I’m going to have a restaurant that’s opening soon in Austin, Texas. I can’t say what the name of it is yet (laughs) but I will let you know when I can announce it.

CN: Well thank you so much Farrah for doing this interview with The Hot Zone. Hope you had a great birthday weekend and we wish you the best in all of your success.

FA: Of course! Thank you so much!

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE clip from Farrah’s 23rd birthday celebration at PACHA NYC, captured by The Hot Zone:

Looks like Farrah Abraham is definitely enjoying herself!

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