THZ EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles Talks About His New Book, Success Over The Years, And Family!

Mathew Knowles/THZ Library

Mathew Knowles/THZ Library

Mathew Knowles, well-known as Beyonce and Solange Knowles father, was a Grammy Award-winning executive producer. Mr. Knowles was Xerox’s top sales executive, worldwide. He had a major impact on the music industry, in addition to managing the largest selling female group, Destiny’s Child.

After more than 23 years of music moguling, what is catching major traffic seems to be his new publication, The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals (Music World Publishing, 2015). The book is an Amazon #1 best-seller even before its official release.

Mr. Knowles recently spoke with The Hot Zone’s, Brittani Medina, over the phone about his inspirational new publication, The DNA of Achievers and his success over the years. The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful will officially be released October 15, 2015 worldwide.

BM: Hey Mr. Knowles, how are you doing today? Ready to get started?

MK: Hi Brittani! It’s a great day in Houston! I’m ready! Let’s do it!

BM: In your own words, what is The DNA of Achievers all about?

MK: Well, The DNA of Achievers is my first book and it talks about the 10 traits of highly successful people…used to travel a lot and be on planes a lot of the time–talk next to my neighbor and it could be someone who owns a small business or a major company that they ran. Then, I began to notice time-and-time again how passionate they were with what they were doing. They would talk about these traits and about thinking outside of the box. I thought, ‘I have plans just like that.’  That’s why I have friends inside the book, highly successful people. Then, I looked at my life–growing up in a small town with the opportunities. I thought, ‘you know all my life I have two words that described my passion, motivate and educate.’ That’s what I do. So, I thought why don’t I write my first book called The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals. 

BM: Was it a challenge for you? Or something out of your comfort zone?

MK: It’s a first but it’s a creative process. It’s the same similar creative process and business process of making an album. So, it made it a little easier for me. I learned because it was my first book. I understand now that there are a lot of things different in a creative process. That’s the beauty of one of the traits in my book, ‘Learning From Failure.’ It’s been a wonderful opportunity for me to grow.

BM: The book is an Amazon #1 best-seller before the official release, how does that make you feel? 

MK: Again, I am grateful–I am grateful that I got the support from so many people. We thought outside of the box–we did it differently. Everybody said, ‘You have to do it this way!’ We questioned, ‘Why do you have to do it this way?’ Reminded me again of starting in the music industry and thinking outside of the box, I got the support. In forty minutes after being on sale was #1 best-seller in two categories!

BM: You have done so much within the years and have had a major impact on the music industry, have you ever felt as though it was too overwhelming or too much pressure?

MK: Well, pressure is put upon ourselves, in fact, it’s the psychological thing that we do ourselves. So, you learn–some people do and some people don’t. You learn how to manage pressure. I had to learn how to manage pressure. That’s a part of The DNA of Achievers also–you can utilize a team approach and then you approach it also from the fact that ‘Yes, I am going to make mistakes.’ Let’s think about it, mistakes and failure are reasons to grow, not reasons to quit. Think about that. Mistakes and failure are reasons to grow, not reasons to quit. And growth is not a one time gift. Growth is progressing.

Beyonce-THZ Photo Library

Beyonce-THZ Photo Library

BM: Throughout your years, you’ve accomplished so much–but what is your greatest accomplishment?

MK: My greatest accomplishment is that I have two daughters, Beyonce and Solange. They are the best people that I’ve met. They are just good people, first and as a parent that is what you want. Secondly, they are extremely happy and have reached all of their goals–even so higher. That makes me extremely proud and happy.

BM: With all of your accomplishments, is there anything that you still want to fulfill or achieve?

MK: Well yes, I mean my office is ongoing. I am a college professor, I get the privilege every week to teach in front of forty to fifty young people, that’s very exciting. I teach at Texas Southern University, this is my eighth year teaching. I have a number of moguls, online moguls and programs that are coming out within the next year. I give seminars all over the world. I am scheduled in Houston, Atlanta and other cities. I’m writing my second book on Destiny’s Child, an autobiography of them. I’m starting on my third book. This is an exciting time for me. I also have a new girl group coming out called Blush Music. It is a pop group but I am definitely looking forward to that. Having fun!

BM: Where do you see yourself or would like to see yourself in the next year?

MK: First of all, I don’t want to ever lose the passion that I have of what I am doing. That’s first and foremost. I want to do what I am passionate about everyday, so that’s where I want to be one year from now, five years from now. I’m living my passion. Think about it, if I am living my passion that means I never worked a day in my life and that’s where work ethics come in. If you get this book, it’ll start making sense to you that it starts with passion then work ethics. Work is when you do something that you don’t like to do.

BM: What or who motivates you?

MK: Well, I can go back to my past. I think we all have something in our past that happened. For me, it was years ago at Litchfield Junior High in Gadsden, Alabama. It was at least seven of us black kids going to high school. I remember walking to school and the parents were outside with police. I walk into my class and make a mistake while reading, everyone starts laughing at me. I remember the first day and getting hit with an electric prod. That becomes motivation for me to never give up, to never stop and to continue to do my passion which is motivate and educate. We all have similar things that in all of our lives that become determining factors and defining moments that we can always go back to.

BM: Obviously, Destiny’s Child was a huge success, one of the biggest selling female groups of all time. What did it mean to you to manage such a successful group?

MK: I feel as though not only do I have the opportunity to manage and to still continue to manage Destiny’s Child–I don’t think you’ve heard the last of Destiny’s Child. It’s really an honor, a privilege to be apart of the largest selling female groups of all time. I just get excited what the future can do for Michelle [Williams], Kelly [Rowland] and Beyonce [Knowles] individually. I don’t think you’ve seen the last of that powerful group.

BM: How proud are you as a former manager and father to Beyonce, that your baby girl Beyonce grew up to be the successful international superstar that she is today?

MK: This was always Beyonce’s passion and she worked extremely hard. God has gifted her with tremendous talent. She is a steady learner, critical thinker and team player–all of those things. She continues to grow as a business woman. She continues to give back. I’m extremely proud of that but guess what? I am equal. Maybe they should focus a little more on Solange [Knowles]. Let me tell you why. Solange is a visionary that ‘I am going to be different than Destiny’s Child. I’m going to be different than my sister.’ She [Solange] brought that idea to life and that is what a visionary does. When I see Solange being a fashionista and going in a different direction artistically, being top DJ for three years now and recently came out with her third shoe-line. We have to acknowledge Solange Knowles as well.

BM: How is your current relationship with Solange and Beyonce?

MK: It’s better than ever. I had the opportunity, a couple of weeks ago, to be in New York City to spend an afternoon with Beyonce and Blue Ivy. We had a lot of fun (laughs)! Blue Ivy is amazing. She can actually communicate, not just talk at three years ago. I’m proud of that, I’m happy. My grandson, he is now eleven and a great soccer player! He is going in the direction of music so that is exciting.

BM: Thank you so much Mr. Knowles. I can say once again that you are very moving and I am happy for you. I wish you nothing but the best!

MK: Thank you! Thank you for The Hot Zone and what you are doing Brittani! I hope that you are doing your passion every day and enjoying it.

The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful will officially be released October 15, 2015 worldwide.

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