THZ Exclusive: Minions Movie Review

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

A movie that’s suitable for all ages, Minions, will make you laugh.

Since the beginning of time, Minions have roamed around the earth with only one purpose, to serve the most evil villain. It hasn’t been an easy journey for these small yellow creatures, as all their masters, including notable people like Dracula and Napoleon, all accidentally died because of the minions. By 1968, they are deeply depressed they have no master, so a courageous minion named Kevin, who’s played by director Pierre Coffin (who’s also the voice of all the other minions), sets out to find a new master with the help of minions Stuart and Bob, who weren’t so courageous but had no choice to go.

The Minions eventually arrive at New York, where they find out a villain convention called Villain-Con was going to be held in Orlando, Florida, where all evil villains get together. Fortunately for them, they’re able to hitch a ride with a family of villains who just so happened to be on their way to the villain convention.

There were many super villains at Villain-Con, but the most evillest of them all was Scarlett Overkill, the world’s first female super villain, played by Sandra Bullock. The Minions become Overkill’s henchmen at her residence in London, and she orders the Minions to steal queen Elizabeth’s crown for her. There’s only one problem, while defending himself against the queen’s guards, Bob somehow pulls out the legendary Excalibur sword out of the stone it’s been stuck in, and is declared King while Elizabeth is removed from the throne.

Filled with jealousy, Overkill goes after Bob and the others, and Bob frightfully surrenders the crown to her and she locks up the three minions in a dungeon. The trio eventually escapes the dungeon only to get re-captured, except Kevin. Enraged at this point, Overkill almost kills Bob and Stuart, however, Kevin saves the day after winning a epic battle against Overkill. Elizabeth is re-crowned Queen of the United Kingdom, and the trio gets rewarded for their efforts. Somehow, Overkill survives the battle against Kevin, and attempts to steal the crown, but this time she is shockingly triumphed by a evil child named Gru who’s played by Steve Carell. Gru later becomes the most evillest super villain, and the minions new permanent master.

No matter if you’re 110 years old, or a child accompanied with their parents, this movie can make you laugh so excessively, it may leave you in tears. There was only a taste of how evil the minions were in movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, but this movie shows their true wickedness and humor. It would be cool to fully understand what they’re saying, but then again, their puzzling language is what helps them be so popular.

Final Verdict: [9/10]

Minions hits theaters July 10

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