THZ Exclusive: Richie Nuzzolese Talks About His New Immaculate EP Album That Just Hit iTunes And His Upcoming Tour Plus So Much More!

Richie Nuzzolese is a famously known jazz musician, singer and recording artist. He formed a global future for himself through his former modeling career and features in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” or Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” Music Videos.

Credit: Team iMMACULATE

Credit: Team iMMACULATE

Richie is a very positive musician and incredibly down to earth! If Richie is not in the studio recording music or producing videos, you can find him designing clothing, fragrances and discussing creative merchandising ideas. Don’t forget to check out his website for his upcoming tour dates!

Credit: Richie Nuzz

Credit: Team iMMACULATE

EJ: Most people know you as a model, how long have you been into music?

RN: I’ve been living in music since I was a little kid. I got into jazz and classical music when I was young. I was always around music growing up like my grandfather was. I liked listening to Frank Sinatra when I was younger.

Are you familiar with EDM?

Yeah I love house music. I grew up playing trombone and playing a lot of jazz all the time, but I love house music because it all kind of works together because you know music is all sort of the same chord so I love EDM.

How does it feel to finally focus all of your efforts on pursuing your passion?

Well, I say it’s relieving. There’s no better feeling than knowing what you’re doing is what you want to be doing and makes you happy. Music has been my passion and the fact that I’m pursuing it 100% and being open minded to new opportunities, meeting new people, new collaborations and putting all of my energy together to create it. There’s no better freedom I could have.

How do your incorporate jazz music into your life and recordings?

I incorporate a bunch of different styles of music into my life style and my type of music. Definitely pop music. I put in classical background music to make a little twist to it and same thing with jazz. I play trombone in one of my songs called ‘Flying through the clouds’ on my immaculate EP and so right off the bat you can tell the vibe how I grew up and make it my own style. I sort of call my music theatrical pop because it’s such a mix, it’s not just rap, it’s not house, it’s not just pop like Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars. I think it’s like a full on performance like pop.

Credit: Richie Nuzz

Credit: Team iMMACULATE

How do you describe your music?

I think my music honestly speaks back to me when I listen to it; it’s like a reminder of what I need to hear. So I mean it’s definitely inspirational and motivational and what I want people to hear. I want people’s moods to immediately change and you know, if they’re having a bad day I know I can put a smile on their face and allow them to rethink their life and everything. I feel like it appeals to a lot of teens, college kids and everybody too. We all have feelings and we all do the same things.

You recently released your first single, “SHiNE” and your first EP – “iMMACULATE” comes out tomorrow (on July 4th). Tell us about the inspiration behind “SHiNE” and what the fans should look for on the EP?

SHiNE is a real inspiring song that when I wrote it it’s directly about me and towards me, but it’s something that I listen to and start my days with a lot of the time. Flying Through the Clouds is my favorite one because it incorporates trombone.

Where can your fans hear your music and are you planning a tour?

Yeah absolutely, all my music is actually going to be out on iTunes tomorrow to launch. They can find it there, Spotify, Amazon, and also through my website. So I have everything on my website and that’s where all my fans go to and especially to check out what’s going on and new upcoming events and stuff like that. We are definitely doing a nation wide tour. We have our own music streaming nationwide to over 300 college radio stations right now. Shine is actually the EP being played around the nation and we actually get to record it on many stations so we intend to do a south east tour, hit up all the colleges, see the east coast and then back to L.A. We’re hitting a lot of the colleges and charity organizations and I think the tour is going to be really fun now that we have our product out.

Has it been a challenge converting your modeling fans into your music fans?

Thank God that my fans are so awesome. They’re so cool at switching from my modeling to my music because they support me and what I believe in and my talents. It’s like a transition. Sort of a rebranding to my music but the right people are going to support me for the right reasons and that’s what’s also important to me. My fans are my everyday priority, I even give out my phone number, which is my personal contact so anybody can text me, and reach out to me. It’s really awesome because when I go on tour especially I meet up with my fans, say hello, whatever the case may be and it’s more personal so I love it. I start my day getting back to all my fans and writing music so I’m really fortunate I can devote my life to this. Not everybody can do this so I’m glad I can.

How do you feel about giving away your personal number to so many fans and how do you keep up with all of the text messages?

I mean fans will be fans but most of them are really cool people and really cool friends. When it gets to a point it’s a little out of line but I’m just not going to answer back. For the people that genuinely reach out to me I definitely give them the opportunity to see me and give them the respect at that level and to really give back to everybody. Since I’ve given out my number all the communication is so great. There are so many more people I can talk to, reach out to, and I know where they are.

Credit: Richie Nuzz

Credit: Team iMMACULATE

I hear you grew up and spent most of your life in New York and then spent some time in LA. What was your thinking behind your recent move to Atlanta six months ago?

I grew up in New York and I thought moving to LA would be an awesome place so I can focus on my career and dedicating all my time to my music, creating my team and creating everything I need to move on and further myself and my passions. Atlanta is perfect because I can go anywhere from here especially the east coast, I can even go to Miami.

What is next in store for you after the EP release?

After the EP is launched tomorrow that’s when we start really performing and moving around and promoting it. We are actually going to be doing the music videos and shooting in Miami and New York and possibly Los Angeles. We are going to be launching a new line of merchandise coming up so were thinking of a fragrance line, clothing line and a bunch more. Now that the products out, I want to get it out to the whole world and let the world hear my music. I want to get it on the radio and be the best musician the worlds ever seen.

Is your clothing line geared towards men and women? Or just men or women only?

Right now it’s just something that were gathering ideas for and don’t exactly have details yet but my goal is to have something that’s unisex and like the one size fits all. I think it’s going to be a comfy texture and that everyone loves to wear.

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