THZ EXCLUSIVE: Sky Blu Of LMFAO Talks Solo Career And New Projects!

Sky Blu Photo Credit: Schure Media Group

Sky Blu
Photo Credit: Schure Media Group

Party king, Sky Blu’s résumé is nothing less than spectacular! Born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif., Blu, alongside his uncle, Stefan Kendal Gordy, aka Redfoo, first took over the electro-dance scene as EDM duo LMFAO in 2008 with their debut single “I’m In Miami B****.”

With Blu as the emcee and Foo as the DJ, the dynamic pair went on to create certified multi-platinum party-starter and party-finisher anthems including, Shots, La La La, Sexy and I Know It, and Yes. In 2012, the Grammy nominated duo announced their temporary disbandment to pursue their own solo careers. In 2013, Blu released Rebel Music, his debut solo project with the video for the lead single Salud grossing 1,537,101 views on YouTube.

During a phone interview with THZ’s Monifa Barker, the creative EDM rapper and resident DJ (LIV at the Fontainebleau in Miami and Mur Mur and MIxx at the Borgata in Atlantic City) discusses his career as a solo artist, what fans can expect from him next and, relationship with his paternal grandfather, Berry Gordy Jr.

MB: Given that you and your LMFAO partner Redfoo are on a hiatus as a duo, how does it feel to be a solo artist? What have you learned about yourself as a solo artist and, in which direction are you trying to go with your music? 

Sky Blu: It’s just the direction that feels right! That’s what’s good about being a solo artist; you don’t always have to stick to one idea or a brand. Not that we did in LMFAO at all, but in LMFAO, my uncle is my partner. Growing up, I’ve always looked up to him, so when I would write songs for LMFAO I would keep that in mind and would want to impress him with what I write. When I do it for myself it comes from a different place and you’ll see that in my music. My latest single, Go On Girl is more of a true ‘who I am’ than any of my other singles because I was still trying my best to play both sides; a little up-tempo, a little this and that for my LMFAO fans. But, I think that my new music and my next album, which is the Party President album is going to be full of music that you will see is straight from me.

MB: When you say it’ll be music straight from you does that also mean that this is you on a more mature level?  

SB: Oh hell no, I’m not more mature (laughs). LMFAO is a band and a brand; Sky Blu is a man. I’m going to express everything and I’m very honest especially in my music. So I tell you how it is, whether it be the funny, the real, the inspiring. You know what I’m saying? I’m talking about everything. This is what I am, and music is my outlet. So I think people will see a bunch of different sides to me. I don’t just shuffle or wiggle wiggle (laughs) but I do that too though, ha ha.

MB: You released your mixtape “Rebel Music,” in 2013. Actually, is it a mixtape or an album? Because I’ve read that it is a mixtape, but I’ve also read that it’s an album. 

SB: Rebel Music is a free album; I worked on those songs for three, four years. The difference between a mixtape and an album is just that a mixtape is something that you put out quick. I worked really long and hard on those songs along with my Big Bad people, we gave it out for free. A lot of people think that you just put music out and that’s just a mixtape and they just say it like that. But the truth is music is worth way more than money and that was the whole point to that. That was my first album. That meant so much to me and I just want the world to see that we have to start holding things up higher than just the money. That’s what that was about.

MB: The video to the album’s lead single Salud received over 1.5 million views on YouTube and was directed by Wilmer Valderrama, who also co-starred in the video. The visual was pretty good; it was more like a mini movie with a western setting. Who came up with the idea for the video as far as the plot?

SB: Wilmer, he’s just amazing you know. I put my little creative touch on it but Wilmer is definitely the driving force of that; he’s one hell of a director. I’ll tell you that much. He knows what he’s doing! That was all him!

MB: There are a lot of party-starters and party-finishers from all different genres would you dub yourself number one? Who’s the number one party-starter and finisher?

Yeah, that’s LMFAO. Listen here, I’mma say this—we got this! I think we were born like mutants, like X-men. We were born with the capacity to party harder, party longer, party stronger. So I don’t know if anybody else is from the party planet like me and Foo.

MB: You are the grandson of legendary Motown Records founder Berry Gordy Jr., how do you handle that? How do you deal with people treating you a certain way because of who your grandfather is? 

SB: When you’re growing up your family is your family. It’s not that you take them for granted but you look at your grandfather like your grandfather, and to me that’s just my granddad. I realized when I was in the third grade. I was in class when I saw him in my history book and I was like: ‘that’s my grandfather.’ Now I knew he was special I’ve always heard about it, but when I saw him in my history book it was unbelievable because I was just with him the day before and I was like: ‘yo, that’s my granddad’ and everyone was like, ‘shut up that ain’t your granddad.’ I said, ‘yeah, I was with him yesterday,’ and then they made the correlation. They saw my last name was Gordy and then they were like, ‘oh my God, he is your granddad.’ It was an amazing experience because I saw how he impacted the world, even my teachers and everybody. I knew about Motown. I knew about all that stuff, but I was only eight-years old. But then I realized how people were treating me too; they started treating me different and asking me for record deals and s***.  I thought, ‘what the f*** I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.’ So, I would sometimes go by Skyler Austen and I wouldn’t tell people my name after that point because of that. Also in LMFAO me and Foo never let anybody know about our family until after we were nominated for a Grammy the first time. We learned so much from him and his knowledge, but at the same time it’s amazing how people treat you differently when you’re related to someone who has done such an amazing thing for the world. He honestly is one of the greatest men I have ever met. I was with him two days ago and we had a great, great time. I really look up to him. He gives me knowledge and he’s just a great thinker.

MB: Is there anything else that we can expect from Sky Blu in 2014 besides the upcoming album?

SB: Well, Go On Girl is on iTunes right now. You could check out everything you need to know about me and my Big Bad family on We’re honestly going to take over the world this year and forever after; that’s just what’s going on. Ain’t playing no games! We’re doin’ it!

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