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Rosario Dawson And Chris Rock Are Magical Together On-Screen  Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Rosario Dawson And Chris Rock Are Magical Together 
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Top Five is one of the best films Chris Rock has done to date.

The comedy, which was written and directed by Rock, plays the role of Andre Allen, a former stand up comedian turned movie star who is at a major turning point in his life. Best known for his role as “Hammy” which is Rock in a bear costume with guns blazing, he decides to stop making comedies and go into serious roles. His first serious movie hits theaters and is a box office bomb. He is also getting married to Bravo TV star Erica Long (role played by the superb Gabrielle Union) and her life is being chronicled right up to the wedding.

Gabrielle Union And Chris Rock  Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Gabrielle Union And Chris Rock
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Allen meets New York Times journalist Chelsea Brown (played by Rosario Dawson). The best part of the movie was when these two was on-screen. Although they were on-screen together for 45% of the movie, I couldn’t get enough of these two. They created magic and gave the audience laughs throughout the movie. As the movie progresses, both have learned that they have much in common. They are both recovering alcoholics. Andre’s explanation of when he hit rock bottom (which we later discover wasn’t really his lowest point) involves one of the film’s funniest and most shocking set pieces in a Houston hotel room. Spoiling more details would ruin the surprise, but it’s worth noting the scene involves Cedric the Entertainer playing one of his most inspired characters in years.

There is also this one scene where Brown and her boyfriend Brad (played by Anders Holms) resulted in the funniest scene out of the movie. Without spoiling it, it’s best to stay quiet. I still shudder when I think about that scene.

Writer And Director Chris Rock  Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Writer And Director Chris Rock
Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

The supporting cast has done a great job in bring additional laughs to the movie. They  include JB Smoove who plays Allen’s manager and a chubby chaser, Sherri Shepherd the role of Allen’s ex-girlfriend who regrets ending their relationship, Tracey Morgan who plays the unemployed friend who makes jokes towards Allen. Although their time on-screen was brief, they help bring laughs to the movie (especially JB Smoove).

Now to the best part of the movie: The Cameos. I won’t spoil on who made an appearance but Rock has a great job assembling them. With these cameos, it helped made the movie better. One of the cameos actually shocked me and resulted in my personal favorite scene in the movie.

Overall, Chris Rock has delivered the best film to date.”Top Five” is a movie about the pains of sobriety. It’s a movie about the current state of race relations. It’s a movie about honesty and forgiveness. It’s another searing indictment of the world of celebrities. Rosario Dawson delivered a great performance and it is worth mentioning that she gets lost in her role. Dawson and Chris Rock are magical together. She might not receive any oscar nominations for this movie but she is getting closer and closer towards getting it. She is a very underrated actress.

When this movie is released next month, many people will be talking about it. I guarantee you that.

Movie Rating: 8.0 Out Of 10 

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