***THZ EXCLUSIVE: Unfriended Movie Review

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Unfriended boasts a unique plot probably meant to reel in the social media generation with its characters’ constant interaction throughout the movie on only iMessage, Facebook, and Skype. I’ll admit, that was a part of its appeal for me–I was intrigued by the angles they could take with a horror movie portrayed over the internet.

Sadly, that appeal quickly fell flat.

Blaire, Mitch, and their three friends are on Skype when an anonymous user pops up in their conversation. No matter what they try, they can’t get rid of it. Eventually, they realize that the user is on Laura Barns’ account, a classmate of theirs who committed suicide after enduring vicious cyberbullying from fellow students.

The moments of suspense (bracing yourself for the inevitable loud noises) leading up to bloody flashes of violence were very present, but easily diluted by humor. I found myself amused at the characters’ one-liners and their sometimes over-the-top dramatics instead of being worried about who was going to die next–which is half the terror of a horror movie, no?

The unpredictability was certainly there. None of the deaths were excessively gory, but the brief clips were more than enough for your imagination to do the rest.

One interesting facet of this movie was the deeper idea it left me with, though. How far are we willing to go in order to protect our darkest secrets?

Final verdict:  5/10

Unfriended hits theaters today(April 17).

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