Tina Knowles Addresses Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce Rumors

Photo credit: Parkwood Entertainment

Photo credit: Parkwood Entertainment

Everyone wants to know whether or not Jay Z and Queen Bey are calling it quits. Rumor has it, the couple will separate after the remaining shows of the On The Run Tour in Paris have ended. However Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles has another version of exactly what’s going on in the Carter household. Tina has been mum regarding her daughters marital problems, until now.

Tina told TMZ that the couple’s marriage is ‘perfect’:  “Haters are going to hate, there’s nothing we can do about that. Everything’s perfect”.

Strong words coming from Tina, since only a few days ago Beyonce asked her longtime friend Gwyneth Paltrow for advice on separating from Jay Z. Gwyneth believes that even if the couple seperates, they will be back together the very next day: “The day after the announcement, Bey and Jay will still be spotted together. The two will be all lovey-dovey”.

On Sunday Beyonce posted photos on Instagram of her and Blue Ivy’s feet, along with Jay’s during a break from there On The Run Tour. In another photo, Bey posed in denim shorts but the wedding ring was not present.

I believe the couple will separate. No offense to Tina, but nobody’s relationship is ever “perfect”. Bey and Jay are very family oriented which would explain why they are still in eachother’s lives, not to mention they are committed to maintaining a certain image in the public eye. I think they will do all that they can to keep it together for Blue Ivy’s sake, just not as husband and wife.

What do you believe will happen to the Carter’s relationship, hotzoners?

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