Tom Holland Is Officially Marvel’s New Spider-Man



After months of searching for the perfect teen superhero, Marvel and Sony have casted 19-year-old Tom Holland as their new Spider-Man!

The British actor, known for his lead role in the film The Impossible alongside Ewan McGreggor, beat out many other young men for the role of Peter Parker. After determining that the 14 to 18-year-old age bracket was too narrow to find their star, the film’s executives and producer Kevin Feige explained that they needed to open up the age-range a little bit more.

They even flew some of the auditioning actors out to Atlanta, Georgia, where Captain America: Civil War was being filmed. This way they could see how Peter Parker candidates worked with the other actors they would be filming with. In fact, Spider-Man will have a cameo in the new Captain America movie to introduce him to the film series!

While other actors such as Matthew Lintz, Asa Butterfield and Charlie Rowe auditioned for the role of Peter Parker, Sony Pictures Motion Pictures Group Chairman Tom Rothman described Holland’s screen tests as “special.”

Plus, Holland’s young age compared to the previous Spider-Man actors (i.e. Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield who were in their mid-to-upper twenties) makes him the most accurate Spider-Man yet according to the comic books. Peter Parker is only supposed to be 15-years-old. The executives believe that Holland’s age is a plus because he can play a teenager for the next few years.

After selecting Holland as the lead actor and hiring Jon Watts as the director, Rothman expressed his excitement saying, “All in all, we are off to a roaring start.”

Watts received a lot of praise for his film Cop Car at the Sundance Film Festival and the Spider-Man executives believe that he has a gift for working with young actors and for bringing out their very best performances.

Spider-Man’s cameo in Captain America: Civil War can be seen when the film comes out in May of 2016. Otherwise we will have to wait to see Holland star as Peter Parker, because the next standalone Spider-Man film doesn’t come out until summer of 2017.

Until then, do you think Tom Holland was a good choice for Marvel and Sony’s new Spider-Man?

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