Top 3 Alleged Reasons Solange Attacked Jay Z

Credit to Parkwood Entertainment

Credit to Parkwood Entertainment

By now, I think everyone has heard about the “Solange VS Jay Z” incident at the Met Gala. The main question everybody is asking is, “Why did Solange attack Jay Z?”

Numerous rumors have flooded social media and neither Beyonce, Solange, nor Jay Z have commented on the incident. However, Beyonce and Jay Z seem to be unaffected by the fiasco. Yesterday, the iconic couple was seen smiling and laughing together at the Brooklyn Nets Game in New York. Their happiness must have rubbed Solange the wrong way because this morning she deleted all of the photos of Beyonce on her social media accounts. In return, Beyonce posted a message to her Instagram account. It stated that she asked God to strengthen her personal relationships with others, separate her from people who are bad influences, and help her choose friends more wisely.

photo credit: THZ

photo credit: THZ

This is puzzling, to say the least, because the sisters recently went to Costa Rica for singer, Kelly Rowland’s, private wedding, directly after the incident at the Met Gala.

So, what caused Solange to flip out that way? Here are the top three alleged reasons (via social media) for her doing so:

1) Rachel Roy, wife of Damon Dash (Jay Z’s former manager and business partner at Roc-a-Fella Records) attended the Met Gala. Allegedly, her and Jay Z had relations in the past, and they have remained “cordial” since then. Solange noticed inappropriate interaction between Jay Z and Rachel, while in Beyonce’s presence, and she wasn’t having it!

2) Jay Z was trying to prohibit Beyonce from attending Kelly Rowland’s private wedding. Solange believed he should not dictate what her sister can or cannot do, and she “showed” how she felt about the situation.

3) Jay Z has been physically abusing Beyonce, and Solange was fed up with her tolerating it.

Do you believe any of these rumors? What do you think happened?

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