Top Five Tips You Must Follow If You Move To NYC

Photo Credit: THZ Melanie Chima

Photo Credit: THZ Melanie Chima

Everyone dreams of living in New York City. From the bright lights of Broadway to the gritty parts of the Bronx, New York has it all. If you are planning on moving to the Big Apple, here are the top five tips you must follow:

  • Know The Subway System-You do not want to take a cab in New York City. They are expensive and half of the cab drivers don’t know where they are going. If you live in NYC, make sure you live near a subway line. 
  • Save Lots Of Money– New York is a very expensive place. People here are just barely scrapping by. Stake out a couch or two to crash on while you look for an apartment. Take a bus, or a plane, or a car – whatever you need to get here.
  • Don’t Make Any Eye Contact On The Train- When on the train, dont look at other people in the eye. You are asking for trouble.
  • Everything Isn’t What It Seems– Looking for an apartment? Well there is a chance that you might get bamboozled.”Luxury” doesn’t always mean that. Some “luxury” buildings can seem like tired old 1960s sets, with a few doormen and a parking garage. “Cozy” usually means so small you can’t fit yourself and your clothes inside. Don’t be taken for a sucker!
  • Get To Know The City– Get lost in the city!

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  1. Debra says:

    You offer some sound advice!

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