Trent Richardson Says His Family And Friends Spent $1.6 Million In 10 Months

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Trent Richardson was one of the highest rated running back prospects in the last decade. Now Richardson is out of the league and almost broke.

Richardson came out of Alabama and was viewed as a sure fire success in the NFL. After being cut from the Baltimore Ravens and the Oakland Raiders. Richardson is no longer in the league and has not played a down since 2014. During an E:60 segment on his financial issues hosted by ESPN’s Shelley Smith, we learned a lot about Richardson’s financial woes.

In a scene straight out of the HBO Series Ballers Richardson says that his family and friends have spent almost all of his money including one spending binge that cost him $1.6 million over 10 months. At one point he had 11 Netflix and 8 Hulu accounts. According to Richardson’s brother Terrell, he had the following people living at his house: “Me, my brother, my older brother visited frequently, Trent’s kids, Trent’s girlfriend, my uncle, my Aunt Vera, my cousin Julius, my cousin Devin, a friend of our family’s Marlon.”

That’s a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of Netflix accounts to take care of. Eventually, it drained his bank account. Richardson was generous with his money to people who were friends of the family and would call him telling him that their car was getting repossessed or that they were getting evicted from their homes.

“You get calls, ‘Man, my car’s gonna get repo’d.’ So I’m like ‘OK, how much is it? Oh that’s it? Alright, I’ll send it to you.’ Send it out to em.” Richardson Tole Smith during the E60 interview.

Richardson has recently gotten rid of everyone, including his brother who he was paying $100,000 to be his personal assistant. He plans to live in Pensacola, FL. Where he bought his grandmother a $350,000 house. He currently has enough money to support himself and his immediate family.

“I know they love me. I know they do care. But at the time, they took advantage of me.” Said Richardson who is now rehabbing  an injured knee and hoping to get another shot at the NFL.

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