Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Shows How Far Trump Supporters Will Go



Triumph the Insult Comic Dog staged a fake focus group and invited Trump supporters to attend. The unwitting Trump supporters were treated to several bizarre and over the line Donald Trump policy proposals that were meant to be parody. What happened next showed just how ignorant and scared Donald Trump supporters really are.

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog With Trump Supporters

The Trump supporters took every single one of the parody policy proposals seriously and agreed that they were all good ideas. The ideas included: Putting guns in female bathrooms that could be used against transgender males trying to use that bathroom, Tricking Mexican immigrants into using port-a-johns that lock from the outside and then piling those port-a-johns on a flat bed truck and shipping them back to Mexico. Another proposal had a plan to build an electric fence and then fit all Mexicans with shock collars. One of the proposals that was widely liked was the idea of luring hispanic cleaning ladies into cleaning houses that lock from the outside and then shipping the houses back to Mexico. (A bonus to this plan being able to sell the houses to the Mexicans so that they would be more likely to stay in Mexico.) The participants all agreed that this would be a bonus to the Mexicans who would get a house out of it.

At the end of the session, Smigel called in disguising his voice as Trumps and congratulated the group on it’s hard work and good ideas. He then insulted one of them for his weight. The supporters all laughed. None of the participants had any clue that the policy ideas were parody ideas.

This exercise shows the depth of ignorance and racism that the supporters of Donald Trump really have. It is no wonder that the ideas that he has proposed have resonated so much with his supporters. Most of them are outright racists that hear his coded language and appreciate exactly what he is saying regarding Mexicans and illegal immigrants, transgender people and women’s reproductive rights.

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