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I’m getting about as tired of writing about this man as you are of reading about him. Thankfully, it seems that his daily faux pas are no longer resulting in an increased following just because people recognize his name so they guess they’ll vote for him; this is what seemed to happen prior to his official nomination. It’s becoming more and more apparent to almost everyone that just because he’s popular (like his daughter, Ivanka, whose very attractive and who he would probably be dating if she weren’t his daughter–his words, not mine) does not mean he’s got strong support.

He’s still got support though. I’m currently in the middle of a very heated and frustrating text debate with my own father about the “merits” of Trump. It’s quite taxing; unlike Trumps still unreleased tax returns which I assume will reveal that he insists annually that the IRS pay him for being such a YUGE celebrity and like, really rich, like, do you get it, seriously, so rich, richer than, just really rich, okay?

Let’s just sum up some of the gems we’ve heard from the Republican nominee recently.

Thursday he implied that he would try American citizens at infamous Naval base Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Granted, these would be American citizens accused of terrorism; but, it is still illegal under federal law to try any civilian citizen at a military base. He rejected the idea of a fair, Constitutional trial for suspected terrorists. This isn’t the most ludicrous thing to say, however, considering The Obama Administration folded to popular demand and decided to have five alleged 9/11 co-conspirators tried at the base. Those five are not US citizens, however.

Trump is also “not a big believer in man-made climate change.” (Maybe he does believe in woman-made climate change; women are, after all evil and useless in his mind, unless they’re pretty and popular, in which case they’re useful as trophies). Who’s really surprised that Trump doesn’t believe in climate change? (Actually, he probably thinks ISIS is responsible for climate change, because they’re not human and they were founded by Obama and Clinton, who probably helped create climate change to destroy America. Make American Sweat Again!). Trump rejects scientific evidence and says that he doesn’t think people have had a “devastating impact” on the environment. He has called climate change a hoax in the past, a sentiment many GOP members continue to agree with.

Of course there was the statement I alluded to above, where Trump insisted that Obama had founded ISIS along with Hillary Clinton. This is also something other Republican’s seem to believe. He was forced to do his usual back-pedal a day or two later. I say forced because he adamantly defended his statement when challenged on it until he (or his campaign manager) realized how wrong and unpopular the statement actually was. He called is sarcasm on his Twitter.

He likes sarcasm, doesn’t he? And joking. He loves joking. Especially about violence, like the assassination of his political opponent. Last week Republicans breathed a brief sigh of relief when Trump started attacking Clinton on Twitter and in speeches instead of the family of a fallen soldier and his fellow party members. They probably sighed in exasperation after his obviously-not-about-political-power statement that 2nd Amendment “folks” could do something about Clinton to prevent her from affecting their Constitutional right to bear arms. Clinton wants tighter gun control; Trump wants to see Clinton go down at the hands of a gun nut.

Don Don also continues to refuse to release his own tax information; Clinton added pressure to that pot by releasing hers and Bill’s tax returns Friday, revealing that they are taxed at a higher percentage than most of their fellow one percenters. They also donated $1M to charity last year; reports have shown that Trump boasts about giving millions to charity while only actually giving in the low hundred thousands or possibly less.

A few years ago, Trump famously insisted on seeing all of Barack Obama’s information–from school records to THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE– prior to Obama’s election. Don’t expect that to mean that he’ll be transparent about his and Melania’s records at all. Because he won’t and isn’t. There is suspicion surrounding Melania’s citizenship and if it was legally obtained. This type of revelation would only further prove his characteristic hypocrisy. He’s anti-immigration, unless it’s hot white women. He’s also anti-sending-business-overseas unless you’re talking about manufacturing his ties or Melania’s shoes. He’s for higher taxes on the rich, but refuses to release his own tax records so that we can know exactly how much tax he does (or does not) pay. (The Washington Post says this is likely a political strategy; taking the flack for not releasing information is better than taking the flack for whatever the information would reveal).

Reports have shown that he has paid no income tax for the years 78, 79, 84, 91, and 93. It would be nice if people who can barely scrape by a living wage while working two full time jobs got that luxury. His running mate, Pence, has also kept a lid on his tax information.

Moving away from the political arena slightly, there is also the issue of the Atlantic City Casino strike. The casino, owned by Trump, has lost 8.2 percent in revenue since workers went on strike July 1. This came at the end of a long battle to have their pay and benefits restored after they were cut when the casino filed for bankruptcy. The workers lost severance pay, health insurance, and pensions as a result of bankruptcy filing. Most workers have also seen a 1/3 cut in their compensation.

This is important to pay attention to because many of Trump’s lingering supporters are working-class and middle-class people hoping against hope that he’ll be their advocate in the White House. Look at how he treats the workers at his own businesses. He and his billionaire buddies couldn’t care less about the survival of the people who make those businesses run. Who cares if they can’t get life-saving healthcare or afford to retire when they’re well past the ability to work? Not Trump. He only cares about elevating the already elevated. His economic plan reflects this; he wants to invest in trickle down economics, giving more money to the rich so that it’ll “trickle down to the poor.” All that that really does is to widen the gap between the wealthiest and poorest in our country. He claims to want to elevate the middle-class, but he can’t even pay his own workers fairly.

Now, I have my problems with Hillary Clinton. Her track record is super problematic in many areas. But, she has come together with Bernie supporters to try to attack minimum wage issues, getting low-wage workers on track to an actual livable wage. She’s also promised to work on getting free college for students whose families make less than $100,000 a year; those are the students who often can’t go to college at all, further ensuring their continued poverty; or they’re the students who incur such a tremendous amount of debt that financial security and abundance is pretty much a fairy tale. Trump has a history of bankrupt businesses, sending businesses overseas, and not paying or supporting his employees. What is going to stop him from doing exactly those things if he takes office?

In Tump-clusion:

This has been a “brief” roundup of this week’s Trumbles. Stay tuned for more, there’ll probably something in the next hour if we’re judging by his usual track record. Until then! #anyonebuttrump






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