Trump Campaign Manager Accused of Accepting Russian Money

Paul Manafort is the chairman of Donald Trump’s campaign and he has been accused Monday of accepting millions of dollars in illegal payments from a pro-Russian political party that formerly ruled Ukraine.

Ukraine authorities named Manafort as a part of an investigation by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. The investigation is looking into allegations of “corruption and influence peddling against ex-president Viktor Yanukovich’s administration, for whom Manafort worked as a political consultant.” They’re looking for proof of “shadow accounting” such as the alleged illegal payments made by the ex-president to Manafort and other election officials in Ukraine. Manafort’s name was listed in an off-the-books ledger tracking a series of secret payments, including a whopping $12.7 million payment to Manafort.

There is no proof as yet that he received the money and Manafort’s signature was missing from the ledger while other’s named in it had appeared to sign it.

Manafort responded to the allegations saying “I have never received a single ‘off-the-books cash payment'” and accusing The New York Times, who released the original report, of skewing the story against him. He also accused The Times of covering up recent reports that Clinton’s Foundation had accepted money for political favors.

Clinton campaigned called for the disclosure of all other Trump campaign employees’ ties to the Kremlin. Her campaign manager cited Trump’s pro-Putin stance.

Trump’s former campaign manager also called the report skewed, again drawing attention to the fact that Clinton aide Cheryl Mills allegedly worked both in the State Department and the Clinton Foundation and that the times she worked for both had suspicious overlap. The point being that Manafort was not a Trump employee at the time the money may have been given to him; he stopped working for the ex-Ukrainian-president upon his violent ouster in 2014.

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