Trump Divides

Coming off a weird and…well, weird week, Republican nominee and party-divider has been trying to fix what he broke. Sort of.

Trump visited some Midwestern states on Friday and got mixed receptions. In Iowa he was welcomed warmly. In Wisconsin, however, he was essentially ditched. The top Wisconsin Republicans said they had better things to do than attend a Trump rally. Unsurprisingly, one of these was House Speaker Paul Ryan, who Trump refused to endorse earlier this week only to have his running mate, Mike Pence, give a “strong endorsement” a day later. Ryan kept vague, saying he had a scheduling conflict.

Some were not so diplomatic. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reportedly decided to attend an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner instead of attending Trumps rally. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos welcomed Trump to Wisconsin, but followed that swiftly with “We are Ryan Republicans here in Wisconsin, not Trump Republicans.”

Trumps method for mending this rift? Verbal attacks, of course.

Trump threw fresh insults and accusations at Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, calling her “an unbalanced person,” “pretty close to unhinged,” “totally unfit to lead,” and lacking “the judgment, temperament and moral character to lead the country.”

Which is weird because that’s exactly how most of us would describe him.

While Clinton dealt with a little controversy this week, over statements she made about the investigation into her emails, Trump’s scandals and general ridiculousness seemed to come in an unending wave. His assertion that Clinton would continue Obama’s job of running the country into the ground fails in light of the 250,000 jobs that were created in July and Clinton’s gaining lead in the polls.

Every day that he refuses to apologize to the Khan family widens that rift significantly; Republican leaders and veterans are all but begging him to apologize.

Speaker Ryan had previously endorsed Trump but has stated that he will condemn Trump’s divisive behavior if it continues. He says his endorsement is not a “blank check” allowing Trump to do whatever he wants unchecked.

The breakaway from his party and, from the looks of it, his PR and campaign managers, is both scary and exciting. It’s exciting because if he unravels everything at this point, we won’t have to deal with him or any kind of Tea Party Administration. It’s scary because he isn’t stopping, he doesn’t think he has to. He’s an aggressive, erratic man seeking the highest office in our country and he doesn’t appear to be listening to, or working with, anyone. That’s called a dictator. If we sit back and think it won’t happen because it seems too ridiculous, that’s exactly what we’ll end up with.


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