Trump Loves Hate

Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. Photo Credit: The Hot Zone USA Library/Malik LeGare

Donald Trump’s administration shocked the country with the two announcements this week affecting the LGBT community.

First, in a series of tweets Wednesday morning, least popular president in American history announced that transgender people would no longer be allowed to join the military. Trump claimed to have consulted with “his generals” and you have decided that transgender service-members were too much of a financial burden and a distractionfor the military to accommodate.

That announcement reverses decisions made by President Barack Obama’s administration, which allowed transgender people to serve openly in the military for the first time. “Mr. Obama’s defense secretary, Ashton B. Carter, also opened all combat roles to women and appointed the first openly gay Army secretary.”

Twitter announcement not only sparked out rage and confusion because of its surprise timing; it also sparked confusion because it was made officially on Twitter, with no indication of how it would be carried out or fulfilled.

According to the New York Times, the announcement came as officials in Capitol Hill consider a funding bill for the Pentagon. According to that reporting, the focus of those conversations seem to been aimed at not requiring the military to pay for transition surgery or medical treatment for transgender service-members. Trump, who has posted a goal of achieving more military funding as president, made a quick decision according to administration insiders; it seems possible that his decision to Barre transgender people from military service was an overreaching response to pressure from social conservatives and lobbyists who oppose government funding going to medical treatment for transgender people.

Following that announcement, another announcement came out Thursday morning from the Department of Justice. Donald Trump, who has previously posted about being a friend to the LGBT community as well as being the first republican president to be in favor of gay marriage seems to be on a one-way, hi speed track to proving those claims completely wrong.

The Department of Justice Thursday announced that it was reconsidering whether or not sexual orientation should be considered in anti-discrimination laws and antidiscrimination policy with in the workplace. That statement came in regards to a second district Court of Appeals case. “The department filed a 36-page amicus brief late Wednesday in the case Donald Zarda brought against his former employer alleging that he was fired from his job as a skydiving instructor because of his sexual orientation.
The DOJ said the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals based in New York should reaffirm precedent, consistent with the longstanding position of the department, that the law “does not reach discrimination based on sexual orientation.”

DOJ argued that Title IX, which sexual orientation protections have been considered a part of, only covers sex and not sexual orientation when it comes to matters of workplace discrimination. A spokesman for the DOJ states that the department’s position is focused on the laws overtly enacted by Congress, stating that it is not the court’s job to expand the law but merely to interpret it. This implies that considering sexual orientationas a part of sex discrimination is not interpretation of the law as it stands.

“The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights called the brief the second attack of the day on LGBT rights from the Trump administration.

“The Trump administration’s court filing contravenes recent court decisions and guidance issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that recognizes such protection,” Vanita Gupta, the group’s president and CEO, said in a statement.”

One director for the ACLU accuse the Trump administration of actively trying to expose LGBT citizens to discrimination.

The discrimination case in question for Mr. Zara is not being brought by the executors of his estate as he passed away in a skydiving accident before the case could be resolved.

Donald Trump, who as a presidential candidate stood on stage with a pride flag, gave perhaps one sign that he would not, in fact be a president who would advocate for the LGBT community when he remained silent during the entire month of June which is worldwide considered to be LGBTQ Pride month. At that time he was compared with Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau who walked in a pride parade to show his support.

Did ministration is already facing pushback from Democrats and human rights advocates as well as citizens. There are likely to be protests and lawsuits fighting both of these statements and whatever policies may come out of them.


On on Thursday the Joint Chiefs announced that there would be no changes to how the thousands of active transgender service-members would be treated within the military. ”’We will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect,’ Marine Gen. Joe Dunford writes.”

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