Twelve Year Old Is The CEO Of A $150,000 Business

Photo Credit: Annabella Charles Photography

Photo Credit: Annabella Charles Photography

Who says that you can’t start a business at a young age?

Twelve year old Moziah Bridges is not your typical kid. While kids his age are playing sports or doing homework at home, Moziah is quietly building an empire worth around $150,000.

He already has five staff members working for him and has received many press coverage about his company. What does he sell? Bow ties.

Why bow ties? When he was nine years old, he was obsessed with bow ties. He states that:”Designing a colorful bow tie is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place.”

His company is called Mo’s Bows and business is booming. Established in 2011, he turned his obsession into a $150,000 company. His first bow tie he made he described it as “Really big uneven blue taffeta mess like something that a clown would wear.” Now he creates ties that are just right.

People ask him how does he maintain a business at such a young age? He first started out with his mother and grandmother creating the bow ties. As time went on, he started to branch out to Facebook where his merchandise sales started to skyrocket. Now he sells his ties online, South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee.

When asked why he loves running a business, he stated that he loves to tells his mom what to do and meeting lots of different people. “I also like helping kids go to camp so they won’t be bored and lonely during summer,” he says. Last year, all proceeds from sales from the special Go Mo! bow tie helped send two children to camp and they hope to send five more this year.

Just goes to show you no matter how small you are, you can always dream big!

Check out Mo’s Bows website at

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