Twenty Things To Do Before You Settle Down

Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

Life is one big grand adventure. You only got one life, so live it. Before you take the plunge of marriage and kids, here are twenty things you must do before you settle down:

  • Travel Alone Or With Friends– Go explore the planet! Check out countries like Italy, France, Costa Rica or any country. You can go on your own or with friends. The world is your oyster! It would make for a rewarding and unforgettable experience.
  • Do A Obstacle Course Racing/ Mud Run-The thought of this scares people but it can really give you a different outlook in life. These types of runs can challenge you mentally and physically but once you cross that finish line, you will feel a sense of pride. Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Go To A Nice Restaurant Alone– Another thing that scares most people but it is not so bad. Go to the nicest restaurant in your city and just enjoy dinner with yourself. You can order what you want and no one will be there to judge you. In the end, the only person that got your back is yourself.
  • Learn To Cook– Can’t live on ramen noodles and McDonald’s forever. Learn how to make exquisite meals and share it with someone. You may become the next Wolfgang Puck!
  • Live Alone– Living alone is one of the best feelings in the world. No kids. No parents. Just you and the sweet silence.
  • Have Your Heart Broken– We all been through this road before. It is actually a lesson in life saying not all people feel the same way you feel. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be with your crush. Live on and forget.
  • Learn That All Good And Bad Things Are Only Temporary– Nothing last forever in this life, even good and bad things. Endure the good times and survive the bad times.
  • Learn To Live In The Now- Living in the past and living in the future is so overrated. Living in the now is the best thing you can do before you settle down. Whatever you are in a good situation or bad, you will be grateful for those moments when you grow older.
  • Go Skydiving– This might be the most scariest thing you can do on this list but hey you only live once right? Why not jump out of a perfectly used airplane?
  • Telling Someone You Like Them– It is the most difficult thing you can do but just say it. You can never know if the only person feels the same way.
  • Tasting Different Kinds Of Wines And Other Alcoholic Beverages And See Which Ones You Like– Taste every single wine in the world and see if you like them. Same goes for beer and other alcoholic beverages.
  • Live Somewhere Else -Move to a different city or country. Get lost in it and explore.
  • Don’t Come Home All Night– That’s right, wild thing. Crash on a friend’s couch, take your friends up on that offer of a last-minute trip… Once you have a mate, you can’t just take off on your own without explanation. And, truthfully, you won’t want to. So if you don’t have someone you have to call and check in with every few hours, take this opportunity to check out!
  • Build Something With Your Bare Hands– Build a birdhouse. Your hands weren’t meant to hold stuff. Be creative.
  • Volunteer In Another Country– Volunteer in a third world country to see what poor truly looks like.
  • Test Drive Your DreamCar-Even if you can’t afford it, you can always brag to your friends  that you drove a Lamborghini Huracan for a few minutes.
  • Be Financially Independent– Because you don’t want to depend on your mommy and daddy!
  • Go On A African Safari– Don’t go to a zoo. Go to Africa where the wildlife comes to you. Have your own Lion King moment.
  • Try A New Hobby– Take up photography or write a screenplay.
  • Be Happy- Just live.


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