Twitter Grills Don Lemon For Showing The N-Word And The Confederate Flag

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Photo By wintersixfour of

On Monday June 23, CNN Tonight Host, Don Lemon was trending on Twitter after his very controversial show.

In response to several large stories that have been all over the news lately (for good reason), Lemon decided to test out exactly what it is that the public finds offensive.

This is when the show went sour.

In response to President Barack Obama saying the N-word on a podcast, Lemon held up a sign with that very word on it, followed by the question, “Does this offend you?”

Then, to take on yet another very sensitive topic, he held up a sign with the Confederate flag on it.

Many people were, in fact, offended by that.

Amongst all of the tragic news about the shooting in South Carolina, the issue of the Confederate flag has surfaced once again. Lemon asks, “Is it a symbol of Southern pride or a symbol of hate?”

The responses on Twitter were overwhelmingly negative. Many people insulted the host for trying to get attention and others insulted CNN for using controversy to get more viewers.

We’d have to agree with one Twitter user who posted a screenshot from the show and commented, “don. my man. nine people got shot dead in a church in a state that flies the confederate flag. this ain’t the time.”

Many people are complaining that Don Lemon should lose his job. What do you think? Did the CNN host go too far this time?

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