Twitter Reacts To David Cameron And The #PigGate Scandal

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

#PigGate—A disturbing truth or a fantastic farce? A series of allegations involving David Cameron have surfaced following the Daily Mail’s publication of part of Lord Michael Ashcroft’s unauthorized biography of the British prime minister, which included one particularly perturbed event that has sparked major mockery on social media.

Supposedly, Cameron took part in an initiation ceremony that required him to put one of his private parts in the mouth of a dead pig, and it takes little imagination to figure out which part. In Ashcroft’s biography Call Me Dave, he even cites that a member of parliament has photographic evidence supporting the claim, but there is one major inconsistency with the story.

The ceremony is said to have taken place during a meeting with an Oxford University Drinking club known as Piers Gaveston Society, which Cameron is unknown to have been a part of.  The club, which carried a scandalous motto that translates to “truly, none remember hearing of a man enjoying another so much,” was known for its debauchery. Former member and journalist Danny Kemp reminisced that, “the most obvious thing is that it is meant to be raunchy, fancy dress. This means a lot of people going in drag, others in what back then looked like bondage type gear.”

Rumor has also surfaced that this biography of confessions and what seems like blackmail was written out of revenge because Cameron denied Ashcroft a job in the coalition government. However, co-writer Isabel Oakeshott fired back with the claim that if it was about revenge, she and Ashcroft would have published the book before elections began. Sometimes the less said the better because that in itself sounds like there is some definite salt in the wound.

Whether true or false, headlines never cease to grab the public’s attention and thanks to the Daily Mail, the hashtag #PigGate was trending on Twitter almost immediately and the arsenal of memes unloaded at warped speed. Now you can use your imagine, but my favorite meme was a picture of Kermit The Frog slumped on a couch seeming to have downed a bottle of Jose Cuervo, hoping his beloved Miss Piggy wasn’t involved in such a scandal.

Offense need not be taken. Twitter is and forever will be merciless in the midst of scandal, but trends come and go quickly. It’s best to just sit back and marvel at the creativity of Twitter users than to get worked up over a false claim.

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