Two Officers, Four People Shot By Philadelphia Man In Shooting Spree

Photo Credit: paevar from

Photo Credit: paevar from

A Philadelphia man’s shooting spree left one woman dead and five others injured.

According to CNN, 25-year-old Nicholas Glenn shot through Sgt. Sylvia Young’s police car window 18 times on Friday night. Young was shot in her arm and her protective vest. Luckily, she is in stable condition and will be okay.

However, the shooting did not stop there. Glenn then fired into a bar, injuring a security guard. He proceeded to grab a woman to use her as a human shield. He ended up shooting her in the leg.

Glenn later shot a man and a woman in a car 14 times. The woman died, and the man is expected to survive.

Three police officers then cornered Glenn in an alley. He shot one of the officers in the ankle and pelvis.

The officers were able to shoot and kill Glenn.

Since then, officials found a bizarre letter left from Glenn. It was titled “Doomed,” and it explained his hatred for law enforcement.

“It was a bunch of rantings that was tantamount to rambling so it wasn’t the most lucid letter,” Commissioner Richard Ross stated. “It was more about himself than who he wanted to harm.”

Officials are still investigating whether or not Glenn was a part of or inspired by outside groups. However, no evidence has been found that he did not act alone.

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