Two Women Will Make History By Graduating From The Army Ranger Course

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

In the past few months, more and more women have been bulldozing through the barriers set by the stereotypes of male-dominated fields, some of them making history with their efforts. Sports have proved to be a successful field as we’ve seen through the accomplishments of Becky Hammon and Jen Welter, and now we can tip our hats to two phenomenal women training for the United States Army.

After enduring a rigorous two-month ranger course, these two unidentified women will graduate from the Army Ranger Course this upcoming Friday. The course required the nineteen women and 381 men enrolled to eat limited meals and undergo an intensive physical fitness exam “consisting of 49 push-ups, 59 sit-ups, a five-mile run in 40 minutes, and six chin-ups; a swim test; a land navigation test; a 12-mile foot march in three hours; several obstacle courses; four days of military mountaineering; three parachute jumps; four air assaults on helicopters; multiple rubber boat movements; and 27 days of mock combat patrols,” according to a statement released by the army.

This was the first year that the course was offered to women as a trial to determine how to open combat positions for them, a process that the military began two years ago considering these jobs are the only way women can advance and climb the ranks in their military careers.

Though their accomplishment is monumental, one obstacle still remains and that is where these women will go from here. They will not be able to apply for a position with the 75th Ranger Regiment, and only time will tell what combat positions they will be eligible for, but one thing is for certain. Things are changing and women are fighting their way through the rubble and coming out shining.


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