Tyga Addresses Mia Isabella Sexting Scandal

Credit: Morgue File

Credit: Morgue File

Tyga has been the center of a lot of gossip lately, but the most recent news is surrounding his alleged relationship with transsexual actress, Mia Isabella.

Of course, if this relationship were real, that would mean that Tyga is cheating on his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

The rumor first surfaced on Monday, July 6 on LoveBScott.com, where an anonymous source provided over 80 screenshots of the pair’s alleged ‘text conversations.’

To make matters even more dramatic, the screenshots included some inappropriate photos of both Tyga and Mia that have been confirmed as legitimate by Tyga’s lawyer, Lee Hutton.

The anonymous email suggested that the pair has been involved for three years, meaning that Tyga has been cheating on both Kylie and his previous girlfriend Blac Chyna.

However, nobody knows how valid these claims are. Text messages are easy to manipulate and create on Photoshop, and Hutton told the press that he thinks the photos were made to “maliciously shame” the rapper.

Hutton also labels the claims as “socially irresponsible during a time when many Americans are celebrating equality” referring to the recently passed same-sex marriage law.

Kylie has not said anything regarding the rumors so far, but Tyga posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “My focus is always on the positive and building up those around me. I’ll never understand why people choose hate and negativity over anything else.”

Plus, Mia released an official statement claiming that Tyga “is not the that man I love.” She also reprimanded the media, stating, “It’s sad that the idea of a man loving a trans person has to be considered a scandal when all people are equal – love always wins doesn’t it?”

Well, we sure think it does.

So, what are your thoughts on this alleged sexting scandal?

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