Video Shows Bride Moments Before Helicopter Crash On Her Wedding Day

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In the video, you can see the bride’s brother, the bride’s arm locked firmly into his, cringe as the helicopter hits a bit of turbulence; you can also see the bride and another woman, the co-pilot, laughing off his nerves.

It’s a feeling almost anyone who has flown before has felt; the tensing of the body as the vessel hits a bit of un-smoothness followed by the relieved amusement at your own—or someone you love’s—over reaction.

This wasn’t an overreaction, unfortunately, as minutes later the bride, her brother, the pilot and the woman filming—who also happened to be pregnant at the time—were dead.

The helicopter, transporting the bride, Rosemere do Nascimento Silva, 32, to surprise her waiting husband-to-be, is surrounded by opaque white-gray clouds for the duration of the almost 10-minute video released for the first time on July 6. As it progresses, the tension is quiet but steady, seemingly normal for a helicopter ride through the clouds. The bride seems throughout the be unfazed, clearly optimistic about what awaits her beyond the landing. Her fiancée was at the altar, unaware of her flight until news came that it had ended in tragedy.

In the video, the moment comes out of nowhere, despite the tension throughout. Suddenly, everything is shaking, everyone is exclaiming, the pilot seems to be slumped forward, the camera loses focus and the next thing on the screen is an off-center, stagnant shot of the ground, with a flashing red light and silence.

The film, captioned in Spanish, says that two minutes pass before responders arrive. The first thing heard is indistinguishable voices approaching followed by “Morreu, morreu,” which translates to dead, or died.

In the moment just before everything goes wrong, the bride and her brother look tense but there is still a hint of a smile at her lips; this is supposed to be the happiest day of her life and she’s not prepared to let a little bit of turbulence ruin that.

Sao Paula police continue to investigate the cause of the crash, but some believe the video footage reveals some mistakes made by the pilot which could have contributed. He can be seen trying to maintain control of the craft as tensions and turbulence mount; he calls for calm just as the crash begins and he loses all control.

A planner for the wedding told Globo, a Brazilian media outlet: “All brides have a dream and hers was to arrive by helicopter to their wedding without anyone knowing.”  Of the 300 wedding guests, reportedly only 6 knew of the plan, meant to surprise Silva’s waiting groom. Attendees said that he went into complete shock when news arrived that the helicopter had crashed in a forest a mere mile from the wedding venue.

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