Volvo Introduces New Baby Seat

Photo Credit: Morguefile

Photo Credit: Morguefile

We want to protect our babies. It’s a law of nature. Volvo realizes this, and they’re going to help us. The Swedish car company completely revamped a car to help parents keep their little ones safe on the road.

Volvo took out the front passenger seat in their XC90 SUV and invented a pedestal to place a baby seat. This makes it possible for the parents to put the child in the seat and “swivel” it so that it can face the back of the car. Volvo recommends the seat for children up until the age of four. At this point, their heads are quite “disproportionate” to the rest of their bodies, and parents want to keep them especially protected.

This car makes it simple for the baby to keep eye contact with everyone in the car. Parents can keep their diaper bags underneath the special seat rather easily. Finally, the car has heated cup holders to keep those bottles warm. Sounds like a dream. According to Volvo’s chief designer for interiors, the company wanted to “make life easier for parents and safer for their children.” It’s good to see a company with family values at their fore.

Currently, this car is a concept. It can’t be purchased. However, since so many parents know how difficult it is to travel on the road with a baby, we’re hoping the car lands on the market soon.

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