What Frightened Jessie Eisenberg During Filming Of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

PHOTO: Morgue File

PHOTO: Morgue File

Jessie Eisenberg plays Lex Luthor in the new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie. Why was he afraid?

In an interview with Seth Myers, Eisenberg explained that the reason he was terrified playing Lex Luthor is because he had to shave his head.”It was really strange,” he said of the experience. “It’s the kind of thing where you felt you could really damage yourself.”

Eisenberg insisted that he “came out of the womb with a full head of hair,” which made him further realize that he could really damage himself.  To protect the secrecy of the characters, the cast has to wear clothes to protect their costumes, which includes Henry Cavill wearing sweatpants over his Superman suit. Eisenberg, however, opted for a large headscarf.

Check out the full interview below:

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