What?! Mother Charged With Incest After Marrying Daughter And Divorcing Son

credit: morguefile.com

credit: morguefile.com

Please do not let this be the new Modern Family.

Recently, the Associated Press reported that a mother from Duncan, Okla. was charged with incest, after it was proven that she was married to her daughter.

The whole ordeal started when the mother, 43-year-old Patricia Ann Spann, was in a child welfare investigation. She had told police that she lost custody of her two children, and they were adopted by their grandmother.

Police then learned that Patricia was married to her 25-year-old daughter, Misty Velvet Dawn Spann. Patricia, however, believed their marriage was legal, because her name is not listed on Misty’s birth certificate.

Of course, the story could not just end there. It was also revealed that Patricia previously married her son. But, after 15 months of marriage, Patricia’s son, who is not named, filed for divorce from her. He cited incest as the reason for the separation.

After their arrest, Patricia and Misty wore matching Superman T-shirts for their mug shots. Perhaps this was to show the public how legitimate their marriage is?

In a rare occurrence, this is the second story of incest in just a few months. As previously reported, a mother and son from New Mexico were also charged with this crime. The mother had given her son up for adoption when he was first born, and they met for the first time many years later as adults.

This type of story always creates debate. Some say that love is love, and we should let people do as they please. On the other hand, falling in love with your parent or child seems to cross a line. Certainly, there has to be other fish in the sea to fall in love with, who are not so closely related to you, right?

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