Why TWD Fans Might Care Less About Fear The Walking Dead

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

As an avid watcher of AMC’s The Walking Dead and an adoring fan of Rick Grimes and Co., I have got to imagine that people like myself weren’t particularly fond of the spin off series: Fear the Walking Dead. Many reviews claimed that the show was simply a way to milk the cash cow, and I think I may have to agree, but that’s not why I thought it pretty much tanked. No seriously, it tanked harder that the Philadelphia Sixers.

The series is supposed to be set in Los Angeles and serves as a prequel to The Walking Dead, explaining the hows and the whys of the illness that caused the zombie apocalypse and how it spread. Though this initially seemed like a pretty cool idea, as I was watching the pilot episode that premiered on Sunday, I realized at this stage in the game, I really don’t care how it started or about these new people and their reaction to the disease.

Now that may sound kind of harsh, but we are now five seasons into The Walking Dead and already anticipating a sixth season. We have chosen sides in the Rick versus Shane feud, and if you chose Shane than you have either hopefully gotten over it by now or are smirking at the reemergence of Shane’s qualities now being portrayed by Rick. We have dealt with insane “governors” who kept walker heads on display in their homes and the cannibals of Terminus, all while suffering the loss of some of our favorite characters. (Dear God why did they have to take sweet little Beth!)

Essentially, we have entered a different realm of this fictional world where humans are more dangerous than walkers because of their unpredictability. We have learned how to combat these diseased beings without a conscious, but humans are another beast. Maybe if this spin-off came after the first or even the second season, it would have been more accepted because at that point there were still lingering questions about the origins of the disease. Now was not the right time and all the hype leading up to it died during the snooze-fest that was Fear The Walking Dead.

Elaborating on my first point, we’ve grown to love and care for the group that has made it all the way to season six, as well as the new additions to the group, even the naive and kind of pathetic scientist with the mullet. To have to get to know another group just seems like so much work, doesn’t it? And any form of a show revolved around walkers without the brotherhood of Rick and Daryl just seems peculiar at this point.

Maybe I am jumping the gun. Maybe I am too biased as a fan. Maybe I need to give Madison Clark and her very creepy son another chance next Sunday. However, I don’t know if I can hang on too much longer. The cast seems mediocre and it felt like I was watching an episode of Law and Order or CSI as opposed to the beginnings of my favorite show. There was an odd focus on the strain between the relationships in the main characters’ family, as opposed to the zombies and overall it just felt lackadaisical and poorly plotted.

I know AMC had high hopes for this spin off, but without the power of the Rick-tatorship, it’s a fail. Luckily for me and those in agreement, I’ll be plopped on my couch for the season 6 premiere in less than 2 months!

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