Women Are ‘Unable’ To ‘Take Back’ Consent For Sex After It’s Given

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It’s 2017 people: so why are women still being denied their rights? What one does with one’s body is a choice that should be personal and individual – and not a choice required by law. 

According to a law in North Carolina, men are allowed to continue sex even if women take back their consent. Does no not mean no anymore? Apparently not. 

So what if sex turns violent? And is harmful to the woman? What if she is in pain and desperately wants the man to stop? The man has no legal obligation to stop, so he will keep going. Does that not equal rape? The woman wants you to stop and you won’t. And you will not be punished for it. That is so wrong.

On March 30, State Senator Jeff Jackson filed a bill that would change this law. The text of the bill is short and reads: “A person may withdraw consent to engage in vaginal intercourse in the middle of the intercourse, even if the actual penetration is accomplished with consent and even if there is only one act of vaginal intercourse.”

Not many people know that this law exists, and some are shocked when they find out. However, why does it still exist then? Little is being done to overturn it or change it, and those that are attempting to do so are moving very slowly. 

Telling someone it’s okay to keep going during sex when the other person doesn’t want to makes rape seem okay. Women in return don’t view it as rape, so they don’t seek help. Help that can see them on a road of recovery. 

Illinois is the only state that has made it law to legally revoke consent during sex. South Dakota, Connecticut, California, Maine, Maryland, Kansas, and Minnesota recognize that consent can be withdrawn at any time. 

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