Worker On Nude Cruise Beat And Raped Passenger Before Trying To Throw Her Overboard

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An Indonesian room service attendant on a Holland America Cruise ship has been arrested in Florida after admitting that he beat and raped an American passenger during a Bare Necessities nudist cruise before attempting to throw her overboard.

Ketut Pujayasa, 28, said that he attacked the 31-year-old passenger because she insulted him after he tried to give her breakfast on Valentine’s Day. He allegedly told police that she said, “Wait a minute, son of a b****,” and that comment was “offensive to himself and his parents.”

He told the FBI that he used a master key to break into her room at night and hit her with a laptop while she was in bed. After that, he tried to choke her with a phone wire and the cord from curling tongs. She reportedly fought back by biting him, using a corkscrew to try to stab him, and striking at his exposed genitals. He claims that he wanted to throw her overboard while the ship was passing Roatan, Honduras.

Thankfully, she was saved after another passenger banged on her guestroom door, allegedly scaring off Pujayasa who says he escaped by jumping to a lower balcony. After he was scared off, she fled to a hallway where a passenger found her covered in blood and wearing just a tank top.

The passenger “described [her] as having black eyes and visible bruising around her neck and shoulders,” according to the FBI report. “[The woman], fearing death was imminent, asked the passenger to relay to her family how much she loved them.”

The ship docked in Honduras and she was airlifted to a hospital in Florida. Pujayasa was detained by security guards on the ship until it reached the Everglades on Sunday. He has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated sexual abuse, and as you can imagine, Holland America has fired him.

The cruise company told the Daily News that he had no criminal record.

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