WrestleMania 30: A Night Of Fun, Surprises, The Undertaker, and Daniel Bryan

Photo Credit: Melanie Chima

Photo Credit: Melanie Chima

I’ve been watching wrestling since I was four or five years old, and no matter how busy I am I never miss watching WrestleMania on pay-per-view. Wrestling was one of the things that my family bonded over when I was little, and it’s something that still bonds us to this day.

I was super excited to watch WrestleMania 30 because most of the matches looked like they would be pretty interesting. As we all know, there’s usually at least one match at WrestleMania that doesn’t exactly get your juices flowing. At least for me, that’s the case. I guess if every match was equally awesome you wouldn’t have enough time for the final match, right?

Get ready to read my review of WrestleMania 30. I’m not only going to talk about the matches, but I’m also going to talk about the non-match moments.

Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and The Rock

If you had been following news of WrestleMania 30 you knew that Hulk Hogan was the host of it. At around 7:05 p.m. last night he walked to the ring. Oh yeah, you better believe I noted down the time of when one of my all time favorite wrestlers came to the ring. When he’s in the ring he says something like, “I was there for the very first WrestleMania right in Madison Square Garden where me and Mr. T beat Rowdy and Paul Orndorff.” He also welcomed everyone to the Silverdome. That’s great and stuff except the Silverdome was where Hulk Hogan bodyslammed Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III. WrestleMania 30 was in the Superdome in New Orleans. You can bet the crowd corrected him.

All of a sudden, I hear Stone Cold’s music, and I was like “Are you serious?! He’s here?” Stone Cold is one of my all time favorite wrestlers, and I miss him being in the ring. It was such a treat to see him walk down to aisle to the ring. You knew that he wasn’t going to not bring up the Silverdome mistake that Hogan had made earlier. I remember that Austin said, “If you’re ready for WrestleMania 30 give me a hell yeah” and “If you want me to open up a can of whoop a** on Hulk Hogan give me a hell yeah,” while he was in the ring. If I remember correctly, he also told Hogan, “I appreciate the living hell out of what you’ve done for the business.”

I was happy just to see Hogan and Austin, but then you hear the Rock’s music. “No way! The Rock is here?” I was like a kid in a candy store! You then see The Rock walk to the ring, and he hugs Hogan and Austin when he comes in the ring. The matches hadn’t even started yet, and I was already feeling like I got my money’s worth. As you might have expected, the Rock says “cuz finally The Rock has come back to New Orleans, which means finally the Rock has come back to WrestleMania.” He also said, “When I look across this ring I see my good buddy Stone Cold Steve Austin and my childhood hero Hulk Hogan.”

And then later on, the Rock said (of course), “If you smell what The Rock is cookin’.” Stone Cold also uttered his classic line, “And that’s the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so.” Hogan also chimed in with a “Whatchu gonna do brother…” The best moment was when all three of them clapped some beers together and drank them.

Before I move on, I have to mention a funny bit that The Rock did. He talked about how a lot of babies are born exactly nine months after WrestleMania. I forgot what he said, but it was pure genius.

Let’s move on to the matches, shall we?

Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H

This was an important match because the winner of this would be in a Triple Threat match with Batista and Randy Orton in the final match. So, Stephanie McMahon announces Triple H, and you see him appear all decked out in a cape and stuff. Then you hear “Time to play the game” and you see Triple H take off the cape and stuff and walk to the ring. After that you see Daniel Bryan appear and the crowd is chanting “Yes!” The King says something like, “WrestleMania has just turned into Yestlemania.” I believe this was Triple H’s 18th WrestleMania and Bryan’s third one.

You can tell Bryan came ready to FIGHT. I’d say the match was very back and forth; they both dominated the match at certain points. Bryan had a taped shoulder, and Triple H definitely worked on that during the match. The crowd was definitely behind Bryan, and it was amazing to see how much he endured during the match. Triple H did the Pedigree on Bryan at one point, and Bryan amazingly kicked out of it. McMahon was around the ring throughout the match, and she made sure she spoke her mind. It was kind of annoying, but you couldn’t tell her not to be there, right?

So, who one? Bryan! Even though I was hoping he would win, I was still surprised when he actually did one. Not only did Triple H get the first match of the evening, but he lost to Bryan. Do you think he just walked away after he lost? No way! McMahon slapped Bryan a few times after the match, and Triple H whacked Bryan’s shoulder with a chair. “Yeah, you might’ve won, but I’ll make sure your match later tonight is a living hell.”

Match Rating: 9/10

The Shield vs. Kane and New Age Outlaws

To be honest, I was probably the least excited about this match. I like Kane, but I can’t say I like the other people in the match. It was a pretty quick match, and Billy Gunn was the one who lost for his team. I did read that Gunn had suffered a severe injury at the conclusion of the match. The injury was “hemoptysis, which came during a double-Triple Powerbomb delivered by The Shield.” I’m sorry to hear that.

Match Rating: 1/10 (It’s harsh, but I was already not too excited about the match before it even started)

Skit with Old School Wrestlers

We see Sgt. Slaughter and Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the back. They’re joined by Ricky Steamboat, and then we see Million Dollar Man walk in. If that’s not enough to get you to squeal with glee, Ron Simmons also happens to be there. Ricky Steamboat was definitely my favorite in that bunch.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

This was the first-ever over-the-top-rope Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Some of the 30 participants included Big Show, Kali, Goldust, Mark Henry, The Miz, Sheamus, and Cody Rhodes. As you can imagine, guys started going over the top rope during the course of the match. One of my favorite moments was when Kofi Kingston went over the top but his feet didn’t hit the floor. They landed on the steps. I’ll fast forward things to the last two guys in the match — Big Show and Cesaro. It was amazing how Cesaro was able to lift Big Show and throw him over the top. What was really cool was how Big Show shook Cesaro’s hand after the match. Cesaro was presented with a trophy after he won.

Match Rating: 6/10 

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

It’s safe to say that I will root for John Cena in any match that he’s in, and this match was no different. To be honest, Bray Wyatt kind of freaks me out. So, Wyatt comes to the ring first, and then we have the hotness that is Cena walk to the ring. He’s wearing a shirt that says “You can’t stop me.”

At the start of the match you have Wyatt sitting on his knees saying, “finish me.” Cena wasn’t having any of that. He told him to “get up.” This match was very back and forth. Both Cena and Wyatt dominated the match at certain points. At one point during the match I remember hearing Wyatt ask the audience, “This is the one you call hero?” There was another point during the match where Wyatt throws a chair to Cena and tells him to “finish me.” Cena took the chair and hit Erick Rowan with it.

Throughout the match I got a sense that Wyatt was trying to get in Cena’s head. The winner of the match was Cena, and the cool thing was his dad was at ringside.

Match Rating: 7/10

Hall of Fame 

After that match they show clips of the Hall of Fame inductees for 2014. We have Mr. T, Razor Ramon, Paul Bearer, Lita, Jake the Snake, Carlos Colon, and the Ultimate Warrior. I remember being a fan of most of these people at some point or other during my lifetime. I got a kick out of seeing the Ultimate Warrior at a WWE event after so many years.

Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker

It’s hard to write about this match. Undertaker was 21-0 going into this match, and I along with many other people believed it was going to be 22-0 at the end of the match.

I’ll just jump right into the match before I start getting too sad. This was a slow paced match, and at first things were going well for the Undertaker. At one point he gets hung up on the top rope and Lesnar takes charge from there. Then later on the Undertaker does a DDT and buys some time. After that it’s back and forth between Lesnar and Undertaker dominating the match. At some point in the match Undertaker does a tombstone piledriver, and Lesnar kicks out. Undertaker then signals it’s over, and Lesnar somehow winds up winning the match after that. My mind is a blur as to how he wound up winning, because it’s too painful to think the Undertaker lost.

The crowd was beyond sad. You could tell by their faces that this was the worst news ever. I believe they were even booing Lesnar. You see 21-1 flash on the screen there, and it really sinks in that the Undertaker didn’t win this battle. One of the announcers even says, “The Undertaker is mortal.” It takes some time for Undertaker to get up because he’s probably thinking “how did this happen?” He can’t believe it, and you feel so bad for him. People are clapping when he eventually gets up.

Match Rating: 8/10

Divas Championship Match

All the divas were in the ring at the same time for this match. I remember seeing the woman just go after each other, and to be honest, the match didn’t really engage me. At one point all of the divas were on the floor outside the ring during the match, and then at another point during the match you see Nikki and Brie go at each other. AJ Lee winds up winning the match by making Naomi tap out.

Match Rating: 4/10 (I’m being a little generous because I adore Nikki and Brie)

Gene Okerlund

You see Gene Okerlund interview Hulk Hogan in the back. Then you see Rowdy Piper and Paul Orndorff also back there with them. Orndorff talks about how people tell him he lost the match in the first WrestleMania. Then you see Mr. T walk up next to Hogan. All of them then “bury the hatchett” by shaking hands.

After that you see the camera go back to the audience, and you see Bruno Sammartino, Harley Race, Bob Backlund, Dusty Rhodes, and Bret Hart sitting at ringside.

Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan

We now come to the final match, which also happens to be my favorite match of the night. Randy Orton comes in first, and then Batista. You then see Daniel Bryan come in and he’s holding his arm. He only raises one arm for the “Yes!” chant. The rule of this match is the first person who gets the pinfall wins. There are no count outs or disqualifications.

You knew that Bryan was going to be a target because of his shoulder, and no matter how much Orton or Batista attacked Bryan, he kept coming back. At one point, I remember hearing people boo Batista when he was attacking Bryan. I remember that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H came to the ring during the match. The referee got knocked out after that, and you see a “crooked” referee by the name of Scott Armstrong enter the picture. Batista tries to pin Bryan after the crooked referee enters the picture and he doesn’t get the three count. You then see Bryan kick Armstrong in the head.

Triple H takes out his sledge hammer and tries to use it on Bryan but it backfires. I remember seeing Orton and Batista teaming up on Bryan after this outside of the ring. Orton takes the stairs and hits Bryan’s shoulder with it, and then you see the TVs being removed from the announcer table. Batista hits Bryan with one of the TVs, and things don’t go well for Bryan at this point. There is a Batista Bomb into an RKO through the announcer table which leaves Bryan laid out on the floor and barely moving.

Later on you see Bryan on the stretcher, and he’s having one of that. He came here to win…not to be carried out on a stretcher. I remember that there’s another point in the match where Bryan nearly makes Orton tap out, and then he nearly makes Batista tap out. How did the match finally end? Well, Bryan finally made Batista tap out, and he wound up winning!

Hats off to Bryan! He had an amazing night, and he impressed me so much! He must’ve been in so much pain, but he was such a fighter! The crowd went wild for him! There was lots of confetti falling after he won.

Match Rating: 11/10 (This match was so good that a 10 doesn’t do it justice)

Overall WrestleMania 30 Rating: 8/10 (I enjoyed a lot of things about it, and I highly recommend you see it if you haven’t had the chance).

Did you see WrestleMania 30 and what did you think of it if you did?

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