WWE’s Titus O’Neil Does Good Deed

Photo credit: Morgue file

Photo credit: Morgue file

WWE’s Titus O’Neil might be a savage in the ring, but at heart he is a good-deed doer with the perfect platform to affect change. O’Neil has been rounding up homeless individuals and taking them out for dinner, in order to feed some hungry stomachs, but the message he was trying to convey grew more impactful and relevant in the midst of hard times when the manager of Yard House was reluctant to serve the two individuals O’Neil initially took to the restaurant.

According to O’Neil’s Instagram where he has been documenting his good Samaritan mission, he writes that the manager seemed, ‘hesitant’ to serve the pair of homeless people because of the way that they were dressed. Rather than leaving and searching for a place that might have been less judgemental, O’Neil altered his plan in order to teach the manager a valuable lesson.

In a video, he told his IG followers that he would simply gather a bigger group of homeless people to take to the Yardhouse, to see if their reaction might be different. Sticking to the plan, he posted a picture the following afternoon of a group of about 12 people eating at the restaurant with a caption indicating the service was noticeably better.

The caption read:

“My mother raised me with the help of many others from all walks of life and there were many times that I had to go without as a youth because of a lack of financial resources. People will categorize those that they can’t relate to criticize those that stand up and speak out against what’s wrong all until it directly affects them.”

His message was quite clear. We are all human beings and should all be treated as such despite our outward appearance, which is a subtle nod to the injustices that have been occurring lately, resulting in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Though, he hashtagged #AllLivesMatter, despite the controversy that has surrounded that particular sentiment as it is argued by many to undermine the movement formerly mentioned, I believe that what O’Neil did was not only beautiful, but a message to others in a similar position.

So many people in lesser positions are fighting for the lives and rights of others without the proper platform to affect necessary change. Their voices often go unheard versus those of people in a certain spotlight. As O’Neil wrote in his Instagram caption, he may not have the most money in the world, but he is certainly in a position to give back to his community, as can all who have reached that level of stardom because these are the people we so often give our attention to. Change can begin with the smallest task, so kudos to Titus for reminding us how important it is to speak for those without voices.

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