Yes It’s True, Wendy Williams Doesn’t Do Emails

Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

Photo Credit: THZ/Chelsea Norton

Can you imagine a life of no social media or emailing? Well to most of us just the thought is unimaginable, but for Wendy Williams this is a reality.

In her latest interview with DuJour magazine, in its spring 2016 issue, Wendy William revealed that she doesn’t email nor does she post on social media. In regards to emailing she explained by saying “Never sent or received one,” she said. “I tell [my 15-year-old son] Kevin’s teachers, ‘Here’s my telephone number. If he acts up, call me. I don’t care if it’s midnight. Because I don’t do email.'”

In regards to social media, Wendy has admitted several times, but affirmed it in DuJour that her social media is handled by one of her staffers who manages her twitter and Facebook pages. So all those posts you see, are not posted by Wendy herself. Nonetheless she did admit that she pays attention to them to check her audience’s opinions on topics she has spoken about or will speak about on her show.

She also added that during her spare time, she does not hang out with people in the entertainment industry, “I feel like there’s a lot of pressure that celebrities put on themselves to fraternize with one another,” she told DuJour. “It’s like, you wouldn’t have been friends with fat Wendy in 10th grade, so why am I going to be hanging out with you now?”

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