Zayn Malik Turns Back To One Direction After Fallout With Naughty Boy

THZ Photo Credit: One Direction/THZ Photo Library

THZ Photo Credit: One Direction/THZ Photo Library

It looks like Zayn Malik’s life hasn’t gotten any less turbulent since his departure from One Direction.

With public twitter spats, fallouts, and a shaved head, Malik, 22, seems to be living a life that is just as crazy, if not more so, than the one he had when he was in the boyband.

Perhaps that is why he has turned around and reached out to his old band mates once again.

Since Malik left the band, he has become increasingly close with music producer Naughty Boy, who leaked a demo track of Malik singing a song called “I Don’t Mind” right after the artist left One Direction.

However, it looks like Malik has had a falling out with the producer, as he publically insulted Naughty Boy on Twitter on Monday. His vicious tweet reads, “You fat joke stop pretending we’re friends no one knows you.” Ouch.

Many suspect that this is in response to the leaked video of Zayn singing “No Type,” since the following tweet from Malik claims that, “Someone learned how to upload a video… maybe now he should learn how to use logic ha you ain’t s**t but a faker.”

Apparently, Malik began to feel like Naughty Boy was only his friend for selfish reasons, plus, the ex-boybander didn’t like the control that the producer seemed to have over his music.

One Direction fans everywhere are rejoicing at the thought of the Naughty Boy fallout, as the producer’s previous Twitter war with Louis Tomlinson caused Malik to publically lash out at his ex-band mate for making “b*tchy comments” about his life.

It was a truly heartbreaking time for the band’s fans, but apparently, Malik has been trying to make everything right again, in recent weeks.

An insider reportedly told Hollywood Life that “Zayn has spoken to Louis and the 1D boys in the past few weeks after realizing more and more that Naughty Boy was only out for himself. Zayn actually apologized to Louis for all the crap that went down. Zayn wanted to reach out and make sure they all knew he was still their brother.”

Isn’t that fantastic news? We couldn’t be happier that the One Direction boys are back on good terms!

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