3D or 2D movies? What is your preference?

PHOTO: Morgue File

PHOTO: Morgue File

Everybody enjoys a good move now and then. Some even like the bad chick flick movies. We don’t mind to pay over $14.00 for a 2D movie and $18.50 for a 3D movie (in New York). Ever since Hollywood added the 3D effects to their movies, the age old question is what is a better viewing experience: Watching a movie in 3D or 2D?

Usually when a movie is in 3D, people usually want to watch the visuals. In a 3D movie, there is usually no story. Hollywood usually banks for the visuals in their movies. In a 2D movie, there is no visuals and the stories are usually good. 2D has been the standard in movies for a long time. Call me old school but I prefer the 2D movies.

What do you think? 2D or 3D movies? Leave a comment below.


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