50 Cent Donated $100K to Autism Speaks!…Didn’t he file for bankruptcy?

50 Cent Photo: SeeSantana.com

50 Cent
Photo: SeeSantana.com

So, I know by now you have seen the controversial video 5o Cent streamed on the web mocking Andrew Farrell a young man who is autistic and is also afflicted by Asperger’s while he was at work at an airport. 50, who thought the boy was n drugs started a viral feud after finding out that the young man was disabled and the butt of 50’s internet bullying. Well since then 50 has apologized to the young man and his family for his behavior and bullying. He was facing a lot of serious heat from the disabled/mentally challenged community, as well as critics and news media.

The family of Andrew Farrell reportedly asked for 50 to donate $10,000 to Autism Speaks (Autismspeaks.org) . Andrews step-dad reportedly originally asked rap star turned actor for $10 Million from the rappers wallet. 50 actually showed up and out and donated $100,000 and also asking his fellow rap colleagues to do the same. Way to go Curtis, but didn’t you file for bankruptcy?

50 Cent’s lawyer gave a bankrupt judge a plan to pay $23 Million over the next five years to his big creditors. The plan according to his lawyer is for Sleek Audio to get $17.3 million and SunTrust Bank’s in for about $4.9 mil. Not to mention, Lastonia Leviston who got a $7 million judgment in the sex tape case, #tears, has settled on $6 million. 50, you can just fit your girl Royal in there somewhere, I’ll wait……


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