9-Month-Old Pakistan Baby Charged With Attempted Murder

Photo Credit: kakisky from www.morguefile.com

Photo Credit: kakisky from www.morguefile.com

Please tell me how a baby can be charged with a crime. In this case, 4 people have been taken into custody in connection to a violent protest, along with a baby. Yes, a baby.

9-month-old Musa Khan is facing charges of attempted murder. The baby is under investigation due to the stoning of an officer in Pakistan. The violent protest took place in February in a Lahore Slum where stones were being thrown at gas company workers. The workers were there to cut of the gas lines off homes that didn’t pay their bill. These events lead to an entire family being booked and charged, along with baby Musa.

It must be embarrassing for the family; having photos and video footage of your child being fingerprinted floating across the internet. I doubt Musa even knows how to pronounce the word finger or jail yet.

Since then, the baby is now released on bail until his next hearing date. I guess they are waiting for the kid to stand up for himself. It’s sad and just ridiculous.

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