American Crime Story Adds Fashion to the True Crime Trend

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The verdict is in.  American Crime Story, season 2 is on its way and it looks stylish. The “sequel” to The People v. O.J. Simpson, and spin-off of American Horror Story delves into the world, and murder, of Versace. The Assassination of Gianni Versace was originally planned to be the third mini-series season for the true crime series, with a season about Hurricane Katrina slotted for the second. The Katrina season is now slotted for the already promised third season with the Bill Clinton sex-scandal slotted for the also promised fourth season. All are based on the book series by nonfiction books about the crimes. The Versace season is based on the book Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History by Jeffrey Toobin.

Entertainment Weekly released exclusive cast photos Wednesday. Edgar Ramirez is unrecognizable, at least as himself; he is, however, definitely recognizable as the world renowned fashion designer Giovanni “Gianni” Versace. Penelope Cruz has gone Barbie blonde for her role as Gianni’s sister, co-owner and current vice-president of Versace Group Donatella Versace. Openly gay Ricky Martin, on the other hand, is full Ken doll with his chiseled, speedo look as Versace’s life-partner who continues to have disputes with the Versace clan over what was left to him in Gianni’s will.

Darren Criss looks like the nerdy, serial killer version of himself as murderer, or assassin, Andrew Cunanan. Cunanan is known to have killed at least 5 people including Versace within a three-month spree in 1997. He was listed as one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives until his suicide at age 27.

In the promotional photos we see Ramirez in a stylish, blazer-like robe sipping from a dainty espresso cup. One promo shot of Cruz as the current reigning Versace shows her in a hot pink dress with a signature safety pin; another shows her in obvious mourning attire pulling a black, silk veil over her face.

Look out for the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly for a group shot featuring all four and take the time before season two premiers to catch up on season one with its equally star-studded cast.

American Crime is fulfilling the growing demand for true crime stories. Every day new podcasts and documentaries come out telling the stories of infamous serial killers or obscure cold cases. Podcasts like Serial and documentaries like Making a Murderer and The Keepers take a serious, investigative approach to these stories that fascinate us. Then there’s Last Podcast on the Left which remembers that humor is vital for dealing with these often dark and disturbing stories. The same goes for Making Favorite Murder which brings that humor along with a deeply relatable and personable touch to the genre, building upon the trend by creating a space that feels like friends having a conversation about these gory fascinations; My Favorite Murder has expanded that to include its extensive and embracing fan-community known as Murderinos, as being “into” true crime becomes less of a way to scare people off and more of a way to make friends for life.

American Crime Story takes the sometimes scorned, oft ironically-beloved reenactment element of true crime stories and paints it with perfection and painstaking attention-to-detail, telling the inside stories of the most recognizable stories and characters and proving that just because we think we know these stories and these people, there’s probably always a bit more we can learn. Realistically, there’s probably a lot we can learn.

There is no official release date yet besides early 2018, though the first season came out in February of 2016 so it is a good bet season two will fall along the same timeline. Whenever it does premier, it’s definitely going to be Gucci…I mean Versace.

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