American Horror Story Writer Confirms Season 4 Is Set In A Carnival



I hope you like clowns and ventriloquist dummies! After Season 3 of the hit series “American Horror Story” ended, rumors quickly spread that Season 4 is set in a carnival. Well, those rumors are true. “American Horror Story” writer and co-executive producer, Douglas Petrie, recently confirmed the new season’s set location. Petrie accidentally revealed the information in an interview with Nerdist Writers Panel on podcast. When asked if he can reveal any details about Season 4, Petrie quickly responded “I can say nothing”.  However, Moira Kirkland, a writer for the popular TV shows “Castle” and “Arrow” stated “Well I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard carnival.” I’m guessing Petrie must have a difficult time keeping secrets from others because he walked right into the “trap” and replied “Yes, that was it, but it does not have a title”. Ben Blacker, who is a Podcast Moderator, subsequently asked “Is that the setting?” Petrie replied “That’s the idea, that’s very roughly the idea”.

After the Season 3 finale of American Horror Story, many fans took to social media and posted photos of carnival and circus themes. It is unknown how the rumor initially began, but fans assumed Ryan Murphy had something to do with it. When Murphy was asked by Entertainment Weekly, whether or not the new season consists of a circus theme, he replied “No one has completely guessed what it is”. The key word there was “completely”. FX network, home to AHS, has not confirmed or denied any of these statements.

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