Andrew Garfield Sings “Spider-Man” Theme On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

photo credit: abby lucas

photo credit: abby lucas

Andrew Garfield, star of “The Amazing Spider-Man” and newly released “Spider-Man 2”, has a hidden talent. Not only is he an amazing actor, but he can also play the guitar, and sing! He stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, and surprised everyone, including Fallon, with his own rendition of the classic “Spider-Man” theme. Even Fallon joined in and played the tambourine, along with the musicals styling’s of The Roots. The theme to the old Saturday morning cartoon has been covered before, notably by Michael Bublé, Aerosmith and the Ramones. Garfield admitted that it was his first time singing in public. That was shocking considering he performed on stage like a pro. Fans were absolutely ecstatic over his “singing debut”, and showed their appreciation via YouTube:

“Damn Andrew and sing”

“It’s like you can’t question why and how Emma and Andrew fell in love with eachother after watching both of them on Fallon”

“He can sing too? Well done Garfield!”

“He has actually a really nice singing voice. I loved this.”

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” starring Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx, hits theaters today.

Watch Garfield’s performance HERE

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