Angelina Jolie Speaks About Divorce And Diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy

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Angelina Jolie has opened up to Vanity Fair about her health, her highly publicized divorce from Brad Pitt and of course, her six children. 

She did not go in to details about the reasoning behind her and Pitt’s divorce. After over a decade together, she explained that things became quite tense. Especially around the time  of her film ‘First They Killed My Father’, she said that “things got bad”.

But, she made it clear that she did not want to use the word “bad” and quickly clarified that things became “difficult”.  

Upon being asked if the split was to do with their lifestyles, Jolie shot down the idea. 

“Our lifestyle was not in any way a negative. That was not the problem. That is and will remain one of the wonderful opportunities we are able to give our children. They’re six very strong-minded, thoughtful, worldly individuals. I’m very proud of them.”

For nine months after the divorce, Jolie and her children lived in a rental home, out of suitcases. But, just recently, she purchased a mansion in Los Angeles for $25 million. 

“It’s just been the hardest time, and we’re just kind of coming up for air. This house is a big jump forward for us, and we’re all trying to do our best to heal as our family.”

“We’re all just healing from the events that led to the filing. They’re not healing from the divorce. They’re healing from some, from life, from things in life,” she added.

The Oscar-winning actress praised her children highly saying they have been “very brave in times they needed to be”.

But, Jolie found herself facing another obstacle during her time of the divorce. She noticed extra grey hairs, dry skin, she developed hypertension and Bell’s Palsy. This led her to put her family and health first. 

“I actually feel like more of a woman because I’m being smart about my choices, and I’m putting my family first, and I’m in charge of my life and my health. I think that’s what makes a woman complete,” the 42-year old said. 

“I can’t tell if it’s menopause or if it’s just been the year I’ve had. Sometimes women in families put themselves last until it manifests itself in their own health.”

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