Arsenio Hall Sues “Attention Seeker” Sinead O’Conner for $5 Million In Accusation of Princes Death

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The late Princes’ untimely death is turning into a free for all. Now with the prescription drug story peculating around the popular drug “Percs” (yea I tried to make a funny. The popular prescription pill “Percocet” a combination of oxycodone/paracetamol, is reportedly what led to the late singers demise. Why is he mad $5 million dollars worth?? Sinead went to telling the public on social media that Arsenio Hall is how Prince got the pills. As you already know Prince’s fans are all but less than amused. Sinead O’Conner wrote on the net about Prince’s long time “drug habit” calling Prince a “Long time hard drug-user” and claims Prince got his drug supply from Arsenio Hall and referred to him as “Prince’s and Eddie Murphy’s bitch”….Ouch! Yeah, I’d slap her with a $5 million suit too.

Oh, how we love social media. Arsenio fired shots back calling her an “attention seeking whore!” Sheesh! This looks like it could get ugly, all while fans friends and family are still mourning the musical genius’ death. Arsenio Hall has become more vocal over the years…I don’t know if that is good or bad thing or even possible, but he is pissed at the allegations and is reportedly suing Sinead for $5 million big ones. Prince appeared on Arsenio Halls show in 2014, it was published again on April 21, 2016

If you don’t know Sinead O’Conner its cause she is an Irish singer and song writer who rose to fame in 1980, talk about a come back. Arsenio just better hope all the allegations are false and no truth to them or else Sinead could counter sue and Arsenio will be in big legal trouble if any truth to aiding Prince with drugs that led to his death.


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