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The Ceremonies

Photo By Capitol Records

The Ceremonies are an indie-rock, new wave, alternative-rock mélange formed by brothers Matthew, Mark and Michael Cook. The group is based in Los Angeles, California and are signed to the joint label Atom Factory Music – an Atom Factory Entertainment and Capitol Records conglomerate.

The Ceremonies (EP) kicks off with “Wolfdance” – an undeniably 80s-inspired rock song with a highly addictive chorus and psychedelic overtones. Wolfdance gives us a preview for the entire EP, with hearty and aesthetically obscure lyrics such as “I kept her in the shape of the night, but not as a prisoner of war.” This entire EP is, for lack of better words, confusing. The Ceremonies mesh sad, bluesy lyrics with their optimistic and upbeat rock flavors well enough that I was unsure if I should spark a smoke and croon along to the lyrics or jump up and start dancing. Both reactions are fine, if you’re mildly athletic. Things begin to settle down with “Nightlight” – I sleep with a nightlight, so this is eerily appropriate for my life at the moment. This song, however, isn’t something you play to get you in the sleepy kind-of-mood. It’s more like a jazzy ballad you dance to in your PJs when you’ve got ants in your pants… Or chronic insomnia.

This EP is a real treat for those of us that have a strong fetish for genre-bending, inventive sounds. But, you will definitely be left craving more after only just five songs gracing your eardrums. To assuage this dull ache, as you patiently wait for a studio album to be released in order to fill that spot in your iTunes library you’re saving for their next installment of indie-rock greatness, follow these men on Twitter.

They also have a Tumblr blog where they posts the lyrics to the aforementioned songs, tour dates and “the musings, melodies, and measures of Matthew, Mark and Michael Cook” as they call it. If you haven’t already purchased their EP “The Ceremonies”, get it now! And by now, I mean today-ish.

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