Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” Music Video: Hot Or Not?

photo credit:flickr.com/photos

photo credit:flickr.com/photos

I’ve been an Avril Lavigne fan ever since her first song “Complicated”. Her rock-star style, catchy tunes, and great singing voice are just a few reasons to love the Canadian rock/pop singer. She recently released her new single “Hello Kitty”. It was shot in Asia, which isn’t shocking since the overall success of her shows stem from there. She has multiple scenes with “dancers”, who aren’t doing more than simple 1,2,3 dance steps and look extremely bored throughout the entire video.

Lavigne seemed very excited about her new “Hello Kitty” music video via Twitter and Facebook promotion. However, it may not be the smash hit the Canadian was hoping for. Normally, when Lavigne drops a single, her fans can’t wait to hear it and watch the music video. Well not this time. Comments on the singer’s Youtube VEVO page are full of harsh feedback and disappointment from majority of her fans. Here are a few:

“Didn’t Gwen Stefani do this already? And better? Not original”

“Avril is another person. I don’t really like her now, I’m sorry i love her but this song seems like not her. I prefer The rock Avril.”

“Atrocious. Why is the industry focusing on making such garbage? Why not make good music?”

“This song is a piece of sh*t. It’s probably the worst song I’ve heard since the last time i heard a Nickelback song (by accident). That dubstep? F**king hell what an abomination. this isn’t music.”

Not all of her fans were disappointed. Some supported her decision to try a new look and enjoyed watching her have a great time in the video. A few comments stated:

“I actually like this song!”

“She’s so pretty”

“Why is everyone giving this song such a bad rep? Like, it’s not bad. It’s not like she’s stripping and already naked, or licking things that are going to give her a disease. Or at least singing about it. So stop right now society.”

In her “Hello Kitty” music video, Avril Lavigne sports a very “smart” look with her black blazer and glasses. She keeps it young and playful with her tutu-style skirt that is strung up with giant cupcakes. Then she keeps true to her punk rocker side as she loses the blazer and rocks out in a rather tight black leather top.

So, is Lavigne’s new song and video Creatively Awesome or an Epic Fail? Check out the “Hello Kitty” music video HERE and let us know what you think!

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