Bethenny Frankel Responds To Comments Saying “She’s Too Thin”

Too short. Too tall. Too fat. Too skinny. You can’t win in today’s society when it comes to outer appearance. No matter what you do someone is always ready and willing to bombard you with insults on the way you look, what you do, etc.

The latest victim of this is Bethenny Frankel. The former talk show host, reality star, and entrepreneur has received tons of backlash for her thin frame. A lot of people have made comments regarding how skinny she is and are saying that she doesn’t look healthy. Questions such as “Does Bethenny ever eat?”, “Does she have an eating disorder?”, and “How is this healthy?” are only a bit of the critique she has received. Considering Bethenny is the founder of Skinny Girl Cocktails, maybe she is trying to show that the product actually works? (Just a thought). Bethenny had enough of the insults and responded to the comments.

When asked about her feelings on the topic, while on the Meredith Show she said: “Do I look like I need to eat a burger?”

Meredith responded: “I think you look great personally.”

Bethenny continued” I don’t know. I feel like who cares, they are always going to say something. I do have a brand called Skinnygirl so I am going to get beaten up for it. It would be bad if I were overweight and had a brand called Skinnygirl, could you imagine?”

What are your thoughts on Bethenny’s response and her petite frame?

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