Betty White Distraught Over Killing of Cecil the Lion

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Actress Betty White has a few choice words for the Minnesota dentist who killed Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil the Lion on a July hunting trip.

“You don’t want to hear some of the things I want to do to that man,” White, who is a devout animal activist, told the Associated Press on Thursday. “It’s such a heartbreaker. You can’t even talk about it, and to see this king of the jungle and personifying it in every way, this gorgeous creature. How can somebody do that?”

Cecil was lured out of a wildlife preserve and shot by American dentist, Walter James Palmer on Jul. 1. Reportedly, Palmer shot Cecil with a bow and arrow, which only wounded the beast before he was tracked for 40 hours and shot with a gun.

Palmer released a statement, after news of the incident came out, stating that he was under the impression that this had been a legal hunt, with all the secured permits taken care of. Palmer had hired two men, whom he believed were certified professionals, to help him. These two men are now facing charges and could serve up to 10 years in prison.

93-year-old White was promoting the Discovery Family Channel’s new “Pawgust”, when asked about Cecil the Lion. The new block of programming premiers in August 2015, and will feature shows, specials, and movies all about animals. White is to be the host of these new programs.

White explains that she will do it all to keep animal education going, “Anything that promotes positive animal knowledge or talk I’m all for.”

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